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Petition for Concerned Members of the Pinnacle Homeowners Association

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S U P P O R T - THE - C A U S E !
*** Change the CCRs Now! ***

We, the undersigned property owners, understand that many of the Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions (CCRs) & Bylaws that govern our Pinnacle Club HOA are outdated, are not in compliance with Texas HOA law, and are causing lack of transparency and governance issues in our community. A CCRs Committee has been formed with select Board members and property owners to make recommendations on changes for transparency and to give a voice to property owners, allowing for greater participation by HOA members in the governance of the HOA and LLC (the property owners' golf course).

We want to build a Pinnacle Club community that is financially stable and healthy for the long-term. To accomplish this, we want new CCRs that are Property-Owners-centric and provide for more oversight by its paying members. We want:

  • CCRs with a procedure for Members' oversight/approval/ratification of the annual budgets of both the HOA and Pinnacle Golf Club, LLC.
  • CCRs with a process that limits long-term borrowing by the Board without Membership's approval.
  • CCRs that limit spending that is not listed and shown in the Membership-approved annual budgets of both the HOA and Pinnacle Golf Club, LLC.
  • CCRs that provide 5% of our Membership dues to be saved and retained to a dedicated savings account for future HOA capital needs, insurance deductibles, or unexpected expenses.
  • CCRs that provide the HOA Membership a process for removal of Board members who do not fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities, violate an approved code of ethics, or engage in conflicts of interest.

We, the HOA Members who provide the budget revenue for our community through our membership dues, require this participation for the health and financial stability of our invested interests.

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