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There are some citizens of the Pinellas County and surrounding areas which includes Clearwater and Clearwater Beach, St Pete and the greater Tampa area of Florida, that would love to join and be part of the the wonderful Sunset Festival at Pier 60 and or to particpate by displaying their artwork or demonstating and performing thier acts and displays. However due to a discrimination issue by the managemet of Sunset Festival at Pier 60 in Clearwater Beach, FL some of the respectable citizens who have been demonstrating their acts and art work for a long time along the Bay walk area of Clearwater Beach who would like to continue to be particpants at the Sunset Festival are either being denied their right by Sunset Festival at Pier 60 management to continue to particpate and or to register in the Sunset  Festival. This petition is an attempt to change this discrimination issue on friendly terms so that those citizens who have been and desire to continue to be part of the Sunset at Pier 60 Festival and  display their art work or demonstrate their acts and displays will be able to continue to do so equally and with out bias, unfairness or with out discrimination.  Pier 60 Sunset Festival is an amazing event at Clearwater Beach Fl where tourists and residents alike can go see the many wonderful arts and crafts, animal demonstrations and educational along with performing art acts. It is a wonderful time for both merchants, perfomers,and for the tourists and locals who come join the fun and until recently all those who chose to express themseleves by showing off their special and unique art work or performances and demonstrations were allowed to be part of and particpate in this amazing event at various areas through out the pier 60 and bay walk area.However recently a major discrimination and unfair issue has occured at PIER 60 Sunset Festival by the management where a select number of particpants who were approved to do their artwork, demonstrations and perfromances just out side of the festival area on the Baywalk as long as it was past the large light by the pier, have now been denied the right to display thier art work, demonstrations or to perform thier various acts.The reason given by management for this change was that only registered particpants of the Peir 60 Sunset Festival are allowed to particpate now and no unregistered participants will be allowed to particpate any longer including in the Baywalk area.Therefore those performers, crafters,and demonstators whom chose to contiune to particpate in the Sunset Festival at Pier60 have been willing to pay the fees to join and become a registered particpant at the festival so they can continue to express their various unique and contributing arts and activities at the Sunset Festival. However upon a select number of citizens desiring and willing to pay to register for the Sunset Festival at pier 60,they have been denied the right to register or told they are not welcome to particpate according to management of the festival.The complaint in this petition is that those desiring to continue to participate during the Sunset at Pier 60 Festival who were allowed to do so for a long time in various areas with out being registered are no longer allowed to participate and those who are now willing to register however are being denied the right to register so they can continue to participate with thier unique and valuable much liked art displays, demonstrations and acts. The complaint is also that the reasons by festival management for denying certain particpants their right continue to participate during the festival or to register so they can continue with their activities and art work displays are not consitent reasons that apply to everyone and rather the reasons are discriminatoy to certain individuals for ufair,bias, and discriminatory reasons. The purpose of this petition is to to stop discrimination,unfairness,bias, and inconsitency by the management at Pier 60 Sunset Festival and to treat all citizens and those wishing to perform or display their crafts and acts equally so that not some but all those individuals desiring to contiune to perform their acts and display their artwork and demonstartions can continue to do so as they always have been able to for quite some time on the Baywalk area just past the pier light and that those desiring to register at Sunset pier 60 Festival are also permitted without discriminatory and unfair reasons for the being denied the right to register. The individuals who for many months some even years have been adding to the Sunset Festival at Pier60 by performing thier acts, displaying their art and demonstrating thier unique and sometimes educational displays by staying in the area instructed to them by the festival management for the past many months, which was to be off the pier and on the baywalk side; and these individual particants have done so with out complaint and with out interfering with any of the other festival particpants and are willing to settle this matter on friendly terms and all we desire is to have or right to partipate where we were doing so with out interference by the Sunset Festival management so as we can also continue to show off our unique displays and activities and perform our acts which we feel is also a contribution to the sunset festival as have many citizens and tourists alike who are in agreement and who want us to contiune our right to free expression when done in a civil appropriate manner thru our artwork and demonstrations and performances where we have always been allowed to do so until recently when Sunset Festival at Pier 60 management banned a select certain number of individuals from continuing to particpate in the area they had previously been approved to do so and this banning of these individuals particpation is for reasons that are either unfair, inconsistent , bias and or discrimanatory.


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