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Returning PhysX to Nvidia customers.

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As a customer I purchased my 280GTX with the one of the expectations of utilizing PhysX. This expectation was set when I looked at the features of the card I was about to buy on your website. In fact, in anticipation of PhysX powered games, I purchased a second Nvidia GPU to dedicate PhysX operations to, a 9600GT. As a customer of Nvidia I was able to enjoy PhysX on the 280GTX when it was my only card and also with my 9600GT as a secondary card dedicated PhysX GPU. Let's keep this in mind - I am their customer and my hard earned money purchased two of their GPUs. Moving on.... ATI users using driver 185.85 or earlier were able to do this as well, however once the ATI HD5870 hit the market Nvidia decided to remove that ability citing: "For a variety of reasons - some development expense some quality assurance and some business reasons NVIDIA will not support GPU accelerated PhysX with NVIDIA GPUs while GPU rendering is happening on non-NVIDIA GPUs." I'm gonna cut right through the bullshit here and tell you why Nvidia did this, Nvidia, playing the part of the pissed off kid at the playground packed up his toys and left - because ATI's GPU was superior and selling like hot cakes. Their attitude is screw them, they leave, they lose PhysX. However, keep in mind that I am still your customer Nvidia. I still purchased a 280GTX and 9600GT and I still expect to be able to use PhysX with those cards. It doesn't matter which one is in slot 1, I still bought it, I'm still using it and by you taking this feature away you are hurting your own customers. In their arrogance I don't believe they even realize this - and if they do then rot in hell. I realized Nvidia isn't making much money right now, but lack of a competitive product would be the reason why. Don't blame the folks that have purchased your products in the past for buying the faster part now. I will remember this the next time Nvidia releases a new GPU - because they took away features from me as a current customer, stripped me of PhysX - I willl definitely not be buying anymore Nvidia GPUs. This school yard bully attitude has got to stop. I realize ATI hasn't sunk money into PhysX - but I'm not expecting my HD5870 to perform PhysX. I just want to use my Nvidia card for that, but unfortunately Nvidia has decided I can't use PhysX anymore, one of the features that is marketed and still listed on your website as a feature of both the GPUs I own. And, again it really doesn't matter if it's in Slot 1 or 2 I still own an Nvidia GPU and I want to use PhysX. Reconsider your decision or I'll decide I will no longer buy your products.

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