I Should Be Allowed To Photograph & Video My Kids

Colin James
Colin James 2 Comments
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Every time I want to film or photograph my kids, whether its at the school athletics or if they are performing on a stage your told you cant! why not?? It's not like there are other kids walking around in skimpy costumes or naked, this is absolutely pathetic!

We should be able to capture and keep these precious moments forever, without the fear of being stigmatized and frowned upon like we are some sort of paedophile.

I am starting a campaign as we will have no memories of our children when they get older.
Even when you do film or photograph other people look at you as if your some sort of threat.
I think that we should challenge all schools and authorities who prevent us recording these precious memories of our loved ones.

Please sign our petition if you want to have your "denied memories" restored!


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