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Allow Students and Teachers to voice their opinions to the School Board regarding the new Phone Policy

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The Annandale Christian College Board is introducing a new Policy that will not allow students to keep their phones on their person from 8:15 - 3:00. The current Policy allows students to listen to music, take notes, photograph science experiments or artworks, record music assignments, etc. with a teachers permission.

The Board claims that students can access inappropriate material on their phones that's usually blocked by the schools wifi. Students could still access this content with free software or a portable modem on their laptops if they really wanted to, making this Policy pointless. They also claim that students can take pictures or send texts that promote cyber bullying. Not only does cyber bullying mostly take place outside of school, but this Policy doesn't affect the root problem which is bullying itself.

As workplaces evolve into the 21st century and manual jobs slowly fade away, more and more workplaces allow workers to have their cell phones on them, as one of the greatest learning tools of this era. In University students are allowed to keep their phones on them, an environment our school claims to prepare us for. The school expects us to act like adults and be mature but continue to treat us like children, like not allowing us our mobile phones.

The Boards beliefs come from a lack of understanding and fear of change, they think that if kids have their phones on them they'll just stare at social media all day and not learn anything. This is untrue, the majority of students use their phones as a tool in class that can help them learn their topic or make a practical assignment easier. Granted, some students don't follow the current Phone Policy, but how is introducing another rule for them to break going to solve that problem? It'll just keep honesty people honest.

Before any Policy is enforced the Board should hold a meeting at the school and allow parents and students to voice their views on the matter. If we can get enough signatures this meeting can go ahead and those who want to voice their opinions can have a chance to be heard.

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