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Apeal The Walla Walla School Board So I Can Finish High School

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It is time to go public!

So I was suspended back in February because my principal was informed by one of my teachers that they thought I was under the influence of something. I told him I smoked at 4:00 in the morning before I even went to school. I took a shower so I had plenty of time to sober up. He told me I had to go see a drug counselor or I was going to be expelled, and the expenses for the counselor would not be payed by the school

The drug counselor showed me a VHS tape from 2001, about how marijuana causes cancer, and has killed thousand of people. I called her and told her "she wasn't going to help me if I am being misinformed and that I would be seeking out a new counselor".

About two weeks later, He suspended from school for ten days and then I would have an explosion hearing. I was expelled. The messed up part is they never even drug tested me at the school so for all they could know I could have been tweaked out, and what's even funnier is that I can have a conversation with the principal ripped and he can't even tell. Yes, I was drug tested by the counselor but that was nearly a week later and would not prove anything.

Regardless the circumstances regarding my explosion Is not why I'm starting a petition and appealing the Walla Walla school board. They want $7000 because I am not within the school district's area.

My grandpa and I simply do not have that kind of money. This is not about "sticking it to the man" or anything like that. It is about making sure I get the education my Civil rights protect. Most or all of the schools in my county have a policy about upholding expulsions from other schools. The alternative school in Pendleton will not even take me. If wanted to go back to my local school, I would have to continue drug counseling, cease use of all intoxicating substances, give a piss test once a month for 6 months, be have good grades, attendance, etc.., and be on academic probation

I can hear the comments now "just take online classes". I have before and they aren't the type of education that works for me, I need paper and pencil, and to have an actual person to help me through the work. All I am asking is to please sign my petition and share this post.

I do not care about likes. I care about my education though.

I am going to be a junior this year and I still have to make up classes from last year because I did not even get to take finals. Before my expulsion I had A's, B's, and C's. I realize I fucked up and I am not going to argue about it.

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