PETITION:Against Poor Management & Poor Quality of Living!!!!

Betty J. Hart
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I live in LES JARDINS apartment complex here in Houston, Texas 77021 and enough is enough. Every month since I've live here, I've had to deal with one issue after another and it's making me BUGGED crazy. Besides, I'm NOT the ONLY ONE, this I know for a FACT! Just about everyone in said complex HATES the issue in there's. Guess that's our fault for not doing the research before we moved in. But I want to start a PETITION to get all of our issues CORRECTED.

I just DO NOT want to put "I hate this place" on a piece of paper and get people to sign it. I want us ALL to voice our COMPLAINTS and make it KNOWN that things MUST chargefor the BETTER cost of LIVING.Enough is ENOUGH.

I, DO NOT want to just leave because then, I'll have an EVICTION on my GOODtenant record and who knows how BAD that'll affect me getting into a NEW APARTMENT, elsewhere, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!


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