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1000 WORD LIMITATION BY IPETITIONS; SEE YOUTUBE LINK... NAME: Craig ELVIS Rumble OR Craig ELIAS Rumble. I am of interest between the eyes of so-called “family” and the USA Government, upon perceptions: such mute internally controlled corruption on the uprising. - I'm Jamaican Heritage, born Aug. 13, 1979. On April 17, 1982, obtained Birth Registration Form, born to CAROL RALPH, told fathered by ISAIAH RUMBLE, whose name is NOT on birth registration form. Issued 3 years AFTER birth. *NOTE 1:April 17, 1982 - received ‘CERTIFIED TRUE COPY OF ORIGINAL RECORD”…WHERE’S THE ORIGINAL? *NOTE 2: Birth Registration Form look like it’s been WHITE-OUT, COPIED AND REPLACED *NOTE 3: Took 22 DAYS to NAME me. Aren’t you supposed to be named BEFORE hospital discharge? So what did this paperwork say…”Baby B is leaving…?” - November 30, 1984, embarked from Jamaica on Passport #460035; landed, New York. - November 29, 1985, this passport stamped by U.S. Immigration Authorized Employee; reads: “processed for temporary evidence on unlawful admission” *NOTE: Passport #1583275-2nd passport- issued August 4, 1992, bears stamp; reads: “Bearer previously travelled on Jamaican passport No.(#) 460035 (my 1st psssport) dated July 30, 1982 issued at Jamaica valid until July 29, 1992 which has been CANCELLED and RETURNED”…Why CANCEL before the ten year EXPIRATION ? - December 20, 1992, landed in Jamaica (13 yrs old). During stay, told by so-called “FATHER” (ISAIAH RUMBLE), my-so called mother came asking for Birth Certificate…stated was going to take care of some business, in which he NEVER saw me or the birth certificate AGAIN! Told had a brother named KEMAR RUMBLE. *NOTE: Why would you have a BIRTH CERTIFICATE that you DIDN'T sign;yet I have her last name? - Somehow or another, between both my passports, I obtained a RESIDENT ALIEN CARD. There were two types of these cards you could receive: one THAT expires or one that DOESN’T expire. I HAD the one that DOESN’T expire which I received between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. *NOTE: My name on the RESIDENT ALIEN CARD aka “GREEN CARD” is Craig ELIAS Rumble NOT Craig ELVIS Rumble! - I also HAD a Social Security Card (date unknown) that reads Craig E. Rumble… *NOTE: So is it E for ELVIS OR is it E for ELIAS? *NOTE: Why had I NOT known, what my REAL name was at 5 yrs old in America, when a neighbors kid asked my name? I told them it was "Cucumber"... *NOTE: So-called mother, CAROL RALPH, travelled to Jamaica; got married; thus changing her name to CAROL PAMELLA JOHNSON...?? - Based upon such execrable abuse and treatment that were transmitted upon me and towards education, at this point, I seemed to have a heightened intuition that something was NOT right within this family…I felt like the OUTCAST…within time it was PROVEN!! *NOTE: I was also trained from a child to call my so-called mother "AUNTIE"; even though TOLD she was my mother... *NOTE: What "mother" has their "child" call them "AUNTIE"? - AGE:16 - July 14, 1995, “Auntie” obtained American Citizenship. Being underage, I automatically received citizenship. She received “NEW” US Passport; however, I did NOT receive new passport. - AGE:28 - planned travel to Jamaica; "AUNTIE" filled out application for US passport. She told me all I would need to obtain Passport, was her Certificate of Naturalization paper (which she couldn’t find); gave me photocopy she possessed. Certificate clearly states, but I was unaware of: “It is punishable by U.S. law to copy, print or photograph this certificate without lawful authority”. I didn’t find this out until I was told by the post office they couldn’t take photocopies – to which I was astonished – along with my Birth Registration Form, which the post lady looked at it and said “what is this…we can’t take this…it’s NOT authentic.” The only thing that was valid, was the passport photo and my driver’s license. - After returning to her house from post office, I explained to “Auntie” the terms of conditions of the aformentioned at the post office. When asked about the Naturalization Certificate, she claims she “doesn’t know where it’s at...she has to look for it”. When I explained to her about the Birth Registration Form, she told me I “waited too long to get the passport”. *NOTE: I asked her, how come she didn’t just do it when I was sixteen, when she did hers? She then stated “some things happen in life that you just have to forget about!” I asked her “what happened?” At that point, “Auntie” then stated “I don’t NEED you, you NEED me!” - AUGUST 4, 2010, met with Immigration Officer. After I told aforementioned information about "AUNTIE" and various family members, he told me "I can tell you right now...Kemar Rumble is NOT your brother" and when it got to "AUNTIE'S" part, I divulged information about her, which he plugged into his computer and replied "BIG FISH...BOY YOU'RE RIGHT!" "AUNTIE" had been wanted by US Government for the pat 30 YEARS; changing her name to COVER IT UP! - US Government has been insufficient based on conception –meaning: I KNOW TOO MUCH! They have neglected me because of the suitable measures of capacity that I withhold based off terms of condition – meaning: NOT only will my whole so-called “family” be going down behind this scandal, but ALSO branches of government could be going down too. *NOTE 1: Unable to obtain LIFE’S PRIZED POSSESSIONS; thus leaving me STUCK between TWO countries! *NOTE 2: I’m an AMERICAN CITIZEN with NO LEGAL documents *NOTE 3: NO RECORDS OF ME IN JAMAICA PLEASE SEE YOUTUBE VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILED STORY INCLUDING BITTERSWEET PLOTS 1 AND 2...

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