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Volkswagen Rev Hang RPM Hang - Throttle sticking VW 2013

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To Volkswagen of America, Inc.

We the undersigned request that Volkswagen eliminate or substantially reduce the "rev hang" interval that occurs on Volkswagen 2.0T engines produced for sale in the U.S. and Canada. This issue occurs on manual transmissions vehicles in late model years but is extremely excessive in the (SULEV / CBFA / CBF) 2013 engine model.

The following is a formal petition of request for Volkswagen to understand that there is a current and running problem that involves an over or sustained engine rev problem occurring once the engine has reached normal running conditions and temperatures.
This throttle hang is approximately 3 to 5 seconds which occurs between shifts when the car is running at higher RPMs.

We as a collective group would like to express concerns of operation and safety which can be and have been attributed to this ongoing issue.
We collectively agree that the excessive "rev hang" in the 2.0T engines negatively impacts our overall driving experience. In addition, this issue is a safety, reliability, and drivability concern for all of us.


1. When the car is in gear and we let off of the throttle, the car will continue to rev the engine on its own for 3-5 seconds. This can cause the car to drive on its own (as if cruise control is on) which can cause an accident at no fault to the driver. This is even more dangerous when driving in the snow around turns since the throttle sticks and can cause the car to slide off the road and crash. (We let go of the gas pedal for a reason!)

2. When shifting at high RPMs under acceleration, it becomes very difficult to shift to the next gear since the RPMs “hang” for a period of time and do not match up with the next gear. This is another situation where an accident can occur at no fault to the driver.

3. When the RPMs hang and we let go of the clutch anyway, the car will lurch forward. If you do this under slippery road conditions, the car can lose traction which can potentially cause you to crash.

4. This issue makes this car just aboutas dangerous as texting while driving. We have to look at the tachometer when switching each gear rather than looking at the road where we should be looking! All of this because the RPMs don't ever come close to matching on their own on anormal shift.

This issue can cause premature failure of the clutch, transmission and or the throwout bearing in these vehicles.

False Representation of Vehicle:

1. The issue with the throttle hang starts AFTER the car has reach normal running temperatures. The time it takes to get to this temperature depends on the outside temperature. For many of us, (Especially those of us that test drove the carin colder weather) our cars drove perfectly fine during our test drives since the drive was short. We only begin to have the issue AFTER we have paid for the car and have driven the car far enough to get to the full running temperature.

As this is to be a formal petition, please only sign if:

1. You currently lease or own a VW vehicle with 2.0T Engine.
2. You have experienced the above mentioned problem(s).

Don't forget to spread theword and to sign this petition at the bottom of this page!

Some ideas on spreading the word include:

You can"like" this page on Facebook, you can tweet it, Google+ it, you can upload a video to youtube, tell your friends, post about the issueonVW forums or post links on your website to this petition, write about it on reddit, write about it in your blogetc.If you really passionate about the issue, you can do all of the above andyou can even act on the issue. (more info below)
Information for people that have this issue: (Where to go forhelp!) -If enough people complain, maybe we will get an official fix / recall from VW

If you believe that your car does not drive in a safe manner due to the above complaint, you may want to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
Phone Number: 1-888-327-4236
Website: http://www.nhtsa.gov/

You can also call your State’s Division of Consumer Affairs and file a complaint. This will be a different number depending on the state you live in.
New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs: Phone Number: 1-800-242-5846

You can also contact a lemon law firm. Many of them will take on the case with no cost at all to you. A list for lemon law lawfirms by state can be found here:

You can also call Volkswagen customer service and file a complaint.
Phone : 1-800-822-8987 and let them know about your issues. (make sure you say yes to the survey when you call)

File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau Auto Line
Phone: 1-800-955-5100

Find a Lawyer that deals with auto dealer fraud


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