The Inner Inner Circle

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The Inner Inner Circle
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Thank you all so much for the incredible support, messages of encouragement and desire to be part of this.

This petition is not sponsored or represented by the AMA or Board of Directors, but by active members only.


  • The Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) is in danger of losing its tax exempt status, and this threatens its very existence. The AMA cannot publicly support political activist groups, whether by statement, donation, signage or committee. The AMA is strictly organized as a 501(c)(7) Tax Exempt Social Club. Therefore we are asking the board to stay focused on promoting diversity through the common bond of magic and not to engage in political positions on behalf of the AMA or its membership. Anything political violates our charter and endangers our tax exempt status. Therefore we are asking any prior statements supporting political groups be retracted.
  • The Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) already maintains a very high standard of diversity and inclusion in our By-Laws. Therefore, we request that the new “diversity & inclusion task team” either be disbanded or become 100% transparent and its existence and purpose be voted on by the general membership. Also, we object to any monies ($50,000.00) being directed to any diversity or inclusion activities without first undergoing a general membership vote.
  • The Magic Castle’s decor, history, dress-codes, paintings and accolades of past magicians comprise a most unique and significant homage to the world of magic. Therefore we request that the Tuesday, August 11 2020 “re-decorating” meeting of the castle be resolved with a detailed description of this “re-decorating” project and should be voted on by a special vote of the general membership.
  • All AMA standing members must fully abide by Membership Rules and Code of Ethics or be held immediately accountable. When members openly defy our Code of Ethics, and or publicly defame the AMA or Magic Castle “Brand”, they not only cause irreparable harm to the finances and reputation of our Club, they harm all Magicians. Therefore, we request that those members who have publicly defamed the Magic Castle should face disciplinary actions.
  • Our Entertainment Director does an exemplary job of consistently booking top quality talent at the Castle year upon year. Talent should be judged not by the color of their skin or sexual preference, but by the content of their performance. Therefore, we request that the current system for booking talent remain in place with no changes.

This matter demands your attention before it is too late. Please sign this petition now! Your name will be kept confidential unless you choose otherwise and will only be used at the time of presentation to the Board of Directors.

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