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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, At the Consecration of a Bishop in the Episcopal Church[in part]: Then the Presiding Bishop shall deliver him the Bible, saying, Give heed unto reading, exhortation, and Doctrine. Think upon the things contained in this book. Be diligent in them,.......Be to the flock of Christ a shepherd, not a wolf; feed them, devour them not. Hold up the weak, heal the sick, bind up the broken, bring again the outcasts, seek the lost. Be so merciful, that you be not too remiss; so administer discipline, that you forget not mercy; that when the Chief Shepherd shall appear, you may receive the never-fading crown of glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

In that light, after many prayers for guidance and consideration to do the right thing; it is with deep regret but strong conviction that we ask you as current and former members of The Episcopal Church to join us in filing this Petition with the Intake Officer regarding the behavior, conduct and actions of our Presiding Bishop, Katherine Jefferts Schori. We seek only a resolution of the conflicts in the church by supporting all members of the church in healing, repentance, forgiveness, justice, restitution, and reconciliation among all those involved and affected. We and many others have exhausted all reasonable means of communication for reconciliation, justice and mercy in this madness and have not received a single reply. Not one. TEC and its dioceses have expended an estimated $22 million in lawsuits against its own former parishes. TEC has deposed more than 404 Priests and Deacons and it continues. TEC has sued more than 48 parishes in secular courts for their property.

By our signatures below, we hereby petition the Intake Officer of the Episcopal Church to stop this madness and persecution of our faithful Priests and Congregations.







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    liam wears United Kingdom
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    BRADLEY R. HUTT United States
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