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Petition to Remove Memeflags from /pol/

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I think most people share the same sentiment with me that memeflags were originally used for people to be 'quirky' and 'unique' making them stand out in a neutral way. But now that we are moving on to 2020, this feature has really brought the quality of threads and posts on this board down. When I say low quality threads, I mean literal garbage tier won't even feed to the dogs thread. Thats the type of content that these memeflags are producing.

The paragraph above only outlines the stupidity of memeflags. I will now redpill you on the real danger of these flags. Lets get this straight, it is without a doubt that the majority of memeflag users are located in a country known as Israel. Now these Israeli people have a certain agenda. I will not outline their agenda as I assume you are probably already aware of it, unless you're newfag. We have a certain lingo that we wouldn't be caught in real life using. An example of this is the word 'shill'. This would be the most accurate word to describe these memeflag posters.

Finally, I would like to say, while the moderators and admins of 4chan are at it, could please also kindly remove the Canadian flag. Geographic Canadians should be forced to use the Israel flag. This is because Canadians on /pol/ are as much of an annoyance as memeflags.

Thank you for reading.

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