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The 2010 Elections were about JOBS, JOBS, and JOBS. To date, no Jobs Bill has passed. Congress has an obligation to the American people to help facilitate the creation of adequate jobs. A bill has not passed because of a deliberate and malicious resolve NOT TO ACT on the part of the Republican controlled House and the minority Senate controlled with the Filibuster. How can Congress fail to create a Jobs Bill when this is something Democrats and Republicans are in agreement?

Here is how we can put some pressure on Congress to act:

1.    Remind Congress that as duly elected officials, their deliberate inactivity is unconstitutional.

2.   In this matter, their allegiance goes first to the people of the United States and not solely to the people of their State Districts.

3.   Deliberate inactivity places the socioeconomic security of the United States in jeopardy and this is a TREASONOUS ACT.

4.   Specific consequences of inactivity are Economic instability leading to a major depression or worse and unemployment means millions of people going without health insurance. These people without health insurance wait until the last moment to get medical help because they have no money and end up in the emergency room. This is the most expensive healthcare available. They are left with an enormous bill if they are lucky. If they are not lucky, they die and are too late for Obamacare to help. I know this is harsh, but it has to be said, deliberate inactivity ultimately leads to thousands, maybe tens of thousands of deaths, and this is the deliberate death of American Citizens, GENOCIDE.

5.   For members of Congress who refuse to act, we the people of the United States are asking for your resignation.

6.   For members of Congress who refuse to act and do not resign, we the people of the United states will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law in both the Civil and Criminal Courts for TREASON and GENOCIDE.

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If you love this country, your friends and neighbors, please sign, then get others to sign this Petition to help put this country back to work and  back on the path to Greatness.


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