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Petition To Legalise Same Sex Marriage

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This petition is about the coalition’s decision on same sex marriage. I believe that a decision to legalise it would be an enormous step in the right direction for the government. The reason marriage same sex has been between one man and one woman is because marriage wasn't legal for same sex couples and homosexuality was outlawed in the UK for many years. It has only been very recently that it has been safer for same sex couples to "come out". There are many places in Britain that are still dangerous to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Many have been attacked because of this. If the government are seen to be backing gay marriage it sends out a very strong message that it is ok to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and in fact, you have given us the same rights as everyone else. This would be a step in the right direction in abolishing hate crime and bullying. Not only in the streets but in the work place and schools. Civil Partnerships were given to same sex couples, but really only as a consolation prize. They can have a ceremony but none of the legal rights that opposite sex couples enjoyed. In this day and age, religion takes a back seat regarding marriage and a lot of opposite sex couples choose to be married in a registry office because they are not religious. So to ask the Church of England or the Catholic Church to rule on same sex marriage really is not necessary. Therefore, there has been a distinction between civil marriage and religious marriage for a while now with the use of registry offices for opposite sex couples to be married in if they are not religious. In both Catholic and Church Of England Church weddings, the ceremony consists of two parts: The first being the purely religious element in which a couple promise undying love for each other under God. The second part of the ceremony is the signing of the register which makes the marriage legally binding. The registrar is there to legally marry people by signing the register. Therefore anyone who marries in the church must also have this person present. Surely that shows us that marriage isn't just a religious ceremony and in fact, it is a legally binding civil contract. The mere fact that if one section of society are allowed a status and another section is not, that is by very definition, discrimination and divisory. It would be a step in the right direction from riots to rights. regardless of any church response in keeping same sex marriage illegal that our government listens to the people who do not go to church or cannot go to church because the church are remaining to be closed minded about love. Love is a human right and so should be the union between two people. This union should be equal to that of anyone else seeking the same. They should be allowed the same legal rights as benefactor, next of kin and a husband or wife in every respect. In many cultures same sex relationships have been embraced and same sex marriage has been legalised. Britain should be a leader in human rights, showing an example to other cultures that do not embrace such rights, where people are hanged or persecuted for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. By signing this petition. I agree that same sex marriage should be legal and that every citizen should be granted the same legal marriage rights as opposite sex couples.

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