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Article 3.1(1) Homeowner occupies said home at 17 Park Drive - documentation available.

Article 3.1(2) Rent is current, receipts on hand to prove such action is invalid as of 04.04.14.

Article 3.2 Dale Wetherby,at theinstructionof the judge presiding over thedivorce, which is the Keene Superior Court House anddocumentation is available. Therefore, the appropriate paperwork will be complete pertaining to occupancy of 17 Park Drive.

Article 3.3 Dale Wetherby is the onlyindividual residing at 17 Park Drive.

Article 3.9 Dale Wetherby worked with all the vendors, there are allegations that Dale Wetherby lied to or about the vendors. Dale Wetherby at no time stalled new members moving in, harassed OHAChomeowners nor threatened OHAC homeowners.

*Where is the proof?

*Are there written statements.

*Is there a paper trail?

Article 4.2 Dale Wetherbyinformed the previous board of directors of his intention to sell his mobile home, to purchase a new mobile home,and to move a new mobile home onto lot 17 on Park Drive. Previous board of directors in OHAC approved before performing said tasks.


Article 8.1 OWNER OCCUPIED. Therefore, Dale Wetherby is a member of OHAC, and therefore does qualify to be a member of the OHACboard of directors.

Article 8.5 This mobile home is OWNER OCCUPIED by Dale Wetherby, Tamara Rabideau resides at 15 Park Drive. If conflict of interest with vendors arose, Dale Wetherby did not sign the check for said services rendered.

Article 8.6 Tamara Rabideau, the alleged second occupant living in 17 Park Drive lives at 15 Park Drive. How would someone know where Tamara Rabideau sleeps unless he or she was being stalked.

DEFINE the difference between Fred Wetherby holding the mortgage on Dale Wetherby's home located at 17 Park and those mobile homes that have mortgages for his or her mobile home through a bank or mortgage company? If there is no difference, we have a handful of people living in homes not OWNER occupied, because the bank or mortgage company own these homes until payment is made in full.

Article 8.8 Responsibility of OHAC Board of Directors as a whole, not one individual board member.

Article 8.10 Dale Wetherby does not communicate with members about other members personal information or happenings. Dale Wetherby has not kicked a member out of a meeting.

Article 8.11 Dale Wetherby spoke with Vito Adragna ?????

WHAT is a quorum? Two board members?

Article 8.12 Dale Wetherby spoke with OHAC board of directors, and the board agreed. This was not Dale Wetherby's responsibility, this was the responsibility of the board of directors in effect when Dale Wetherby requested a lot rent agreement so he could pay biweekly or weekly because winter time the business of moving mobile homes comes to almost a stand still.

If ALL board of directors have to sign off on things being done, why is the president now included in these processes and procedures?

Article 8.3 In order to be reimbursed a vendor, employee, or any other performing said work, must submit a request for reimbursement. A volunteer of the Ops Manager Committee was paid for voluntarily helping to remove snow.

WAS a request for reimbursement delivered to OHAC board of directors for such reimbursement before the board of directors approved such an expense?

Article 8.15 Fred Wetherby is the vendor used to remove mobile homes. The previous board was well aware that Fred Wetherby was Dale Wetherby's father. However, Fred Wetherby had the best price for the job at hand of demolishing the mobile home at 11 Keene Drive.

Article 9.1 Dale Wetherby is the owner of 17 Park Drive.

DEFINE in good standing.Can an individual in an agreement in whichhe or she mustpay prior unpaid lot rent, be onOHAC board of directors?

Article 9.3

Article 9.8 Dale Wetherby is a board member; therefore, what is the indiscretion of Dale Wetherby housing the filing cabinet at home located at 17 Park. The board of directors bullied him and threatened him with OHAC lawyer if he did not relinquish the filing cabinet.

Article 11.1 The filing cabinet was turned over to Dale Wetherby the President of OHAC from Shawna Shingler when she resigned from financial coordinator. The board of directors minus Dale Wetherby voted without Dale Wetherby's knowledge. These records need to be in a safe location to protect members rights to privacy. However, the remaining board members used OHAC lawyer to enforce Dale handing over the filing cabinet.

Article 11.2 Refer to Article 11.1 explanation. Since when do members have the right to view other members files?

MEMBERS should vote on whether or not files can be looked at by other members.

WHERE is the written request from an individual to view the files in OHAC filing cabinet?

DO YOU want everyone looking at your personal files?


Page 4, Rule 1.2c Dale Wetherby communicates to potential OHAC residents that, "the rules are not that bad, as long as your not causing trouble no one bothers you."

Rule 1.4 Dale Wetherby does not speed through the park, nor does he endanger children or adults who are out in the road.

Rule 11.1 Dale Wetherby owns his home.

Rule 11.3 Why now? The board of directors never brought this up before, ownership of said mobile home reverts back to Fred Wetherby the owner.

Rule 11.7 Tamara Rabideau resides at 15 Park Drive, not at 17 Park Drive. Refer to documentation decided by a judge from Keene Superior Court concerning the divorce of Dale Wetherby.

WAS told by the judge not to change anything until the divorce was final. (documentation available)

Rule 11.8 Dozer, Dale Wetherby's dog, has gotten loose three times, Toby visits Fran Leclaire, with the permission of Fran Leclaire.

Rule 11.9 Dale Wetherby has never entered anyone's home without the prior permission of the homeowner. As President he has duties that cause him to have to talk with members. How does he do this if he does not go to the member themselves?

Rule 11.10 When a member stops Dale Wetherby in the road threatening Dale Wetherby, he has the right to defend himself.OHAC board of directors has been given such complaints on these homeowners.

Rule 11.11 There was a confrontation between Dale Wetherby and another OHAC resident. A complaint has been filed with OHAC board of directors, no action has been taken to correct this issue.

Rule III.1 The inspectors signed off on Dale Wetherby's mobile home located at 17 Park; therefore, yes the mobile home at 17 Park Drivedoes have skirting.

Rule III.2 Due to the time of year that the mobile home was moved in, the skirting cannot be put on the porch until the snow melts. When the snow melts this will be up to par.

Rule III.3 The railing for 17 Park Drive is located in a building owned by Fred Wetherby and cannot be removed until the snow melts and the building can be accessed. As soon as this is possible the railing will be installed.

Rule III.5 Thetown inspector signed off on the mobile home and the porch. The porch brought in came with the mobile home moved in.

Rule IV.2 As stated, this does not happen all the time. This is petty.

Rule V.4

Rule VI.1 Dale Wetherby's cat got out and ended up pregnant. The kittens were unexpected and are going to good homes.

Rule VI.1a Dale Wetherby has the appropriate records necessary, according toOHAC, for his dogs.

Rule VI.1b Refer to Rule VI.1a

Rule VI.3 Dale Wetherby received approval from a previous board concerning him owning two cats and two dogs, the approval was doneduringDale Wetherby'sinterview.

Rule VI.4 Dogs and cats get loose, it has happened to many people who own dogs and cats.

Rule VI.5 The dogs and cats do not roam OHAC freely, dogs and cats get loose.



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