Petition to Impeach US Judge Mark Fuller

David Hynes
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As a legal professional, this to me is just as serious as all of the NFL scandals we have been hearing on the news. Congress has the ability to impeach Federal Judges, and should impeach U.S. District Court Judge Mark Fuller.[1]

His wife dialed 911 on August 10th, 2014. About a minute into the call, as the initial dispatcher patches an ambulance dispatcher into the call, the woman identified as Kelli Fuller, 41, can be heard saying 'I hate you, I hate you." A male voice responds: "I hate you too" followed by dull noises in the background.

The woman's voice can be heard loudly repeating: "Help me, please. Please help me. He's beating on me."

The initial dispatcher tells the ambulance dispatcher: "She says that she's in a domestic fight and I can hear him hitting her now."

According to a written incident report, Kelli Fuller "answered the door in tears" when police arrived. She had visible cuts on her mouth and forehead when police arrived. She was treated at the hotel by paramedics but refused to be taken to a hospital.[2]

He was charged with a misdemeanor battery, and has entered a diversionary program.[3] Under his current diversion he entered into he would avoid having a conviction on his record.[4] Once he completes those requirements there will be no charges and the record will be expunged under the deal, Ragsdale said. "It will essentially put him back with a clean record," he said.

US Judges are appointed for life. Appellate Circuits—the 11th Circuit here—can ask for voluntary resignation. The 11th Circuit is has reassigned his cases, and has launched an investigation.[5] U.S. District Court Judge Mark Fuller currently “is undecided if he will step down.”[6]

[1] U.S. Const. art. 3 sec. 4