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Petition to have Psychology Today remove a hurtful blog about people on the Autism Spectrum apparently sucessful

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The hurtful article has been removed under mysterious circumstances. Don't know if it was us or a software glitch. But I do thank you. I did run into a lot of opposition from people who think that any publicity we get is better then none. You refused to accept this line of thinking and did something about it. Something to think about when your confidence wanes.

Website of blog we want removed

Website of Dr. Nemko's offensive 2012 blog

In the wake of the Isle of Vista massacre, false or overblown negative assertions about people born with Aspergers-Autism are especially harmful to them.

This is a petition to Psychology Today to remove an blog entitled “Helping People with Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism Find Work Realistic job hope for people with Asperger's Syndrome” by Job Coach Dr. Marty Nemko . The article and Dr. Nemko’s reaction to the negative comments the blog has received, instead of helping people with Aspergers and High Functioning types of Autism is hurting their chances of gaining employment. Dr. Nemko suggested that people at this end of the Autism spectrum might accidentally blow up buildings and scavenge employers garbage. Dr. Nemko then claims people reacting negatively to his article are ungrateful and doing it because an autism advocate told them to. He further states that if you are a fair-minded person and not a masochist you should give up writing about disabilities. His stated motive to help people is belied by his 2012 blog in which he says he can not in good conscience ask employers hire people on the “high” end of the Autism spectrum. Because Dr. Nemko is a popular job coach and Psychology Today is a popular magazine. A large number of people will read these extremely negative messages from what they believe is a reliable source and will not want to hire people with Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism. Since Dr. Nemko has given up on disabled people, we request that Psychology Today follow suit by giving up on Dr. Nemko’s writings and removing this blog from it’s website.

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