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Hello my name is Ella, and I played a character named Mikaela Jones on a server called Gr8 City RP. I was actively on this server for 2 weeks.

I am writing this petition to get myself and another individual unbanned from the Gr8 City RP community. The following is to explain everything leading up to and including the reason for my ban.

About a week and a half into my time on the server I noticed that there were some bugs and exploits for the character inventory and property inventory system. I assisted the server staff in getting information and proof of people using and abusing the inventory exploits.

One night I was doing errands on the server alongside the other player who is now banned. The other player and I were smelting rocks while over encumbered as we had been taught to do by other players, a staff member spectated us and opened a ticket on discord toward me and the other player asking us to explain ourselves. Via the ticket we showed the extent of the bug and named others who also abused the bug as well as other similar exploits within the server. I shared the information because I felt the staff team should hand out fair punishment to myself and those who also utilized the bug and to hopefully allow the bugs to be fixed. The staff team seemed gr8ful that I shared the information with them and that no repercussions were going to come to myself. Not knowing what punishment would come to him or anyone else who had been abusing the bug.

I showed a screenshot that essentially shows this other person was ignoring the ticket to reply immediately, a day went by and I still saw no repercussions toward me. While I was on the server someone shared with me that the person was on a “govt extended holiday” AKA a temp ban from the server. I assumed the person had only been banned for two weeks only to find out it was permanent.

In the server, I had a character storyline lined up to rob them if things went the way of a double cross. So with the information I had learned in character, I decided to rob his warehouse. After burglarizing the property, I gave some of the stolen guns and items to an up and coming gang. After doing so, I got in contact with a high level staff member and talked about how I took the weapons and drugs to hand out to people and share with everyone. He explained to me that it was a bad idea and that I had to get all the items back so they can be deleted and/or given to people who made tickets against the banned player. The admin and I chatted for a bit about storylines and other such topics very casually. I told him that I would send some code through to the gr8 staff to filter through to help fix the bugs, we chatted and shared ideas, and I agreed to get the weapons back. Before the end of the call, the staff member spoke to me about how everything I shared wasn’t needed and that they have logs of everything. The admin told me he’d be watching out for me because of the toxicity and hatred directed at me due to the other player being banned.

After the call ended I reached out to one of the gang members I had given some guns to in discord messages, telling them that the staff wanted me to get the guns back. As you can imagine it was in an extremely conflicted situation because staff told me to retrieve the guns, but that in itself is OOC information and metagaming. So I gave the staff the address and location of where the guns and items were in game and left it at that for the time being.

After I was finished dealing with that situation, all the hatred and drama against me really started to sink in. That night I was continuously finding out that people were talking trash about me and couldn’t get my mind off of it, so I went to bed feeling sorry for myself. The next day I woke up to learn that I was banned. I did not see a ticket or any messages towards me explaining why I had been banned, so I reached out to staff and the owner asking for the reasoning behind it. With this, I shared the code I had promised to filter through to fix the bugs from the original situation and received no reply. The following day, I was made aware that the reason for my ban was “too much drama”, which I'll be honest, made me feel very annoyed and betrayed. So after having stuck my neck out, me and the other person had been permanently banned from Gr8 City RP, myself for drama and him for exploits, not responding to staff as quickly as they wanted. As I do believe punishments should have been handed out to myself, him, and others who had abused the exploits; I don’t think that we should have been permanently banned, especially for the reasoning we were given. No one else faced punishments besides the two of us. So now I am writing this petition to not just get myself unbanned, but also the other individual, as he had also invested a lot of time and effort into building his character, building server storylines, and supporting staff.

You may ask why I'm doing this and to answer that; I’m doing it because I did enjoy my time on the server. I also believe the punishments given were extreme and unfair. Maybe it was just a bad day, maybe it was poor communication, maybe something else, but I can’t help but think; maybe the punishment came because of how overloaded staff was at the time and it was the easy thing to do. If you’re afraid to support and sign the petition for fear of negative consequence, I believe as a community this is something that should be addressed because as a community everyone is allowed their opinion and to speak out when they feel it’s necessary.

As upset as I have been by the situation and how things were handled, we’re all just people at the end of the day, we’re all just here to enjoy a game and roleplay. Sometimes things get messy and misunderstood but that’s okay because we’re all human, so I share my sincerest apologies to the staff team and community as a whole.

This is my petition and request to appeal the ban against him and myself.

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