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Petition to dissolve current SACAP Board/Council due to Mismanagement of the Architectural Profession

1,122 Signatures Goal: 1,000

1.Dissolution of SACAP due to the following:

The profession has been lamenting the desperate state of affairs for many years now, and in many instances we have repeatedly warned both government and professional bodies about the impending demise of the profession that we now see today. Good governance has been completely eroded by careless appointment of administrators and Council members without the requisite qualifications, and compounded by vested interests. Architecture must be run by ARCHITECTS, and not bureaucrats who do not even have an appreciation of the prestige attached to this profession, and sacrifice it takes to both become and remain a professional architect.

1.1.Appointment of board members who have no relevant *qualifications* and some instances, experience.

1.2.Appointment of a board member without following *due process* as prescribed by the Act.

1.3.Appointment of a registrar without experience nor qualifications within the built environment.

1.4.Appointment of a board that is *unrepresentative of demographics* as required by the Act.

1.5.Repeated failure to obtain approval for *IDoW* from the Competitions Commission and failure to put in place an interim measure, thereby endangering the public.

1.6.Failure to obtain approval for *Professional Fees* from the Competitions Commission.

1.7.Failure to engage government and *formulation of policies* affecting the profession especially in as far as transformation and the procurement system are concerned eg. PPPFA

1.8.Dissolution of the *Transformation Committee*

1.9.Dissolution of the *WiASA* Task Team which was also responsible for advancement of women's interests.

1.10. *Lack of investment* into initiatives meant for the benefit of the profession.

1.11. Abnormal *inflation of salaries* and honoraria for senior staff and board members respectively.

1.12.Failure by board to investigate allegations *maladministration and corruption* by the registrar.

1.13.Failure to *engage Voluntary Associations* prior to publication of policies, especially those that were repudiated by the CC.

1.14.Failure to *transform* the profession as in line with the Construction Sector charters.

1.15.Failure to *grow* the profession in line with service delivery needs of our country. As of 2008 the total number of professionally registered architects stood at 9396 and 8 years later dropped to (as of May 2016) had dropped to 8482, representing a drop of 914.

1.16.Failure of SACAP to deal with *public complaints* in a fair and objective manner which results in registered professionals being prejudiced.

1.17.Failure of SACAP to confront and deal with lawlessness by municipalities who allow unregistered people to submit building plans for approval which is a contravention of national building regulations.

1.18.Failure of SACAP to make meaningful intervention in municipalities; parastatals; government departments; public and private institutions on the unlawful process they follow in order to appoint professional architects/consultants which is not in line with the architectural code of conduct and Architectural ACT No.44 of 2000.

1.19.Continuation of SACAP's Council affairs despite not quorating for an extended period.

1.20.Acquisition of the a building worth millions when there are much bigger crisis.

2. Demands:

2.1. Immediate dissolution of Council/board because in its current form it is illegitimately constituted as far as the Act is concerned.

2.2. We call for a thorough forensic investigation into the affairs of both Council and the registrar’s activities.

2.3. We also call for the suspension of annual registration fees until investigations have been concluded.

2.4. For the Minister of the Department of Public Works to appoint an interim Council/board in accordance with the Act to ensure that there is no Interruption of day-to-day operations continue.

2.5 Finally – We call for an inquiry into the current CBE board’s fitness to hold office, in light of their failure to investigate complaints against SACAP by members of the profession. It should be noted that CBE’s failure to exercise its mandate extends to the other professional bodies as well.



March 23
These petition has reached 1000 signatures in less three weeks out of 9995 registered SACAP practioners across all categories. The comments and swift response from signatories reflect deep frustrations of people operating within the profession. A4C will endeavour to challenge the status quo and hold SACAP accountable in order to ensure that SACAP keeps to its mandate of regulating the profession rather than being involved in issues outside their mandate.
March 1
Petition has reached 250 signatures!
February 28
We are now live!

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  • Angela
    Angela South Africa, Johannesburg
    May 25, 2017
    May 25, 2017
    Internal disorganisation; Failure to take responsibility for administration and other errors; Complete failure to manage students into profession
  • Henry Paine
    Henry Paine South Africa, George
    May 12, 2017
    May 12, 2017
    SACAP do nothing to protect the public and they undermine professional architects. The organisation exists for the benefit of the people who run it. Top management and the board should be fired as soon as it is legally possible.
  • Linda Mampuru
    Linda Mampuru South Africa, Pretoria
    Apr 19, 2017
    Apr 19, 2017
    Dear Esteemed Colleagues

    Kindly find attached the 'Letter of Demand' that was sent to SACAP by our lawyers (Bokwa Attorneys) which was also duly counter-signed by SACAP on the 7th April 2017. 

    In observance of the  'audi alteram partem' rule we have given SACAP the 'right of reply'. SAIA  and  CBE have also been furnished with the letter, and they have equally acknowledged receipt thereof. Similarly,  the Minister of NDPW  was served on 6 April 2017.

    We believe this letter will convince you and hopefully create a more compelling reason for everyone’s unreserved on-going support in this matter.

    Please note the following important information:

    1. Letters of misconduct:  
    Our ‘Letter of Demand’ is also very clear on SACAP’s 'letters of misconduct' that were served on some signatories of the petition i.e. our lawyers will handle this matter, we are assured that the letters of misconduct are of no effect for the reasons stated by our attorneys.

    2. Annual registration fees:
    Most of us would be aware that SACAP has sent out invoices for the payment of annual registration fees. The fees have been increased. For this to happen, Council approval would have been necessary and the latter to be duly constituted. As already stated – Council has been inquorate since 9 June 2016 and therefore, for all intents and purposes, is defunct/illegitimate. To this extent,  our attorneys are in the process of taking advice from our Senior Counsel in this regard. We do however, advise that in the meantime that there be a suspension of these fees as the deadline for payments is set for June 2017. By then we would have taken a clear position on the matter.

    We again kindly request those who have not yet signed the petition to do so and to circulate it further to their own contacts, using the link below:

    Find below the banking details for those that would like to contribute financially to this noble cause.

    Bank:                FNB
    Name:              Bokwa Inc
    Acc number:   62439144924
    Branch:            Northcliff
    Branch code:  253705
    Ref: A4C

    We once again thank you for taking a stand with us and supporting this initiative.

    For any further enquiries please contact us on:

    Acc. number:   62439144924
    Branch:             Northcliff
    Branch code:   253705
    Ref: A4C

    We once again thank you for taking a stand with us and supporting this noble  cause.

    For any further enquiries contact us on:


    A4C Leadership
  • Pat Lavery
    Pat Lavery South Africa, Cape Town
    Apr 12, 2017
    Apr 12, 2017
    SACAP is not acting in the interests of 'professional' architects. If there is no reservation of work currently in the country, there is no need for SACAP!
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    Angela South Africa
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    Katlego South Africa
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    Jacqueline Snow South Africa
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