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Petition to protest against rape of Toddler in Bangalore

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We are the citizens of Bangalore and we have mothers and fathers among us. We demand that the van driver accused of raping a toddler in the Xseed School rape case should NOT walk free, as this poses a huge risk to our own children.

We request the authorities to punish the driver, for the sake of all the children who may be in danger of his ways. We want the ACP to see that concerned authorities know what the rapist did.

This is a parent's plea. A citizen's plea.

We are mothers and fathers of children who are the same age as the rape victim, a diaper- wearing child who was not even three years old. She was demeaned and debased in the vilest way possible. How can we not be horrified? How is it humanely possible for us to digest this information?

What unnatural and grotesque society harbors such perverted pedophiles? If this man is granted a bail, he will walk free among us, and our children will be in danger. Do such horrors exist in society? What has the world come to? The rape of a woman incites anger but this is too terrible to even bring forth a sane reaction. A small and innocent child who cannot even understand what has happened to her. Her underwear was stuffed in her handbag, she thought an animal had attacked her.

As parents, if we can stand back and watch this without crumbling in agony, then we should be ashamed of ourselves.

As parents, and as citizens of Bangalore, we have decided to act and to speak out against this.

Ever since we heard about this child's rape and how it has affected her life, we have been in a state of shock and disbelief. But we have also woken up and we will not give up until the accused is punished. We want justice for this child. Above all, we do not want other children in danger.

If this van driver walks free, another child may be a victim. If the police and the law cannot give us security, then who can?

We are coming together to protect our children. We are joining hands as parents, as a community of care givers, to appeal to the authorities to protect our future. We ask that the authorities punish this man. We do not feel safe with him free. We cannot allow him to roam in a city where our children roam. We cannot risk another innocent life shattered. We will voice our concerns, we fill fight till we see justice. The fate of our children lies in your hands. If we cannot turn to you to protect our children, then where do we go?

We ask the authorities, what would you do if it had been your child?

We are signing this petition, for we trust that our authorities will do the right thing and punish this man.

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