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Petition to change the codeing of life saving D&C, D&E medical procedures to save women's lives now!

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I understand that abortion is a personal and politically charged topic. I believe that Pro-Life people believe they are trying to save human life. I also believe Pro-Choice people want access to safe and equal medical care. The purpose of this petition is NOT about whether or not you want to have a baby or be forced to carry one to term. THE PURPOSE OF THIS PETITION IS TO GET LIFE SAVING MEDICAL PROCEDURES RE-CODED AND SEPARATED FROM THE TERM "ABORTION" SO DOCTORS DON'T HESTITATE TO PERFORM LIVE-SAVING PROCEDURES ON WOMEN WHO HAVE ALREADY MISCARRIED. Before you choose to sign or not, I would only ask that you read the provided links to educate yourself about what a D&C, D&E, and an Ectopic Pregnacy are. The over turning of Roe v. Wade has allowed state legislators to pass laws that leave these critical life-saving procedures in a vague area, causing Doctors to hesitate with treament while they contact lawyers to find out their options. Meanwhile, their female patients internally bleed to death or suffer from sepsis. This is not hysteria. This is real. The women you love, carrying the baby you want may experience a miscarriage and this could be her fate.

We demand that the anti-abortion laws be clarified with legal text protecting these life saving medical procedures for women WHO HAVE ALREADY MISCARRIED THE BABY/FETUS/EMBRYO. We demand that procedures to treat ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages be recoded into their own category away from the umbrella of abortion.

If banning abortion is actually about saving a life and human rights, then even. Pro-Life person can get behind this petition. It is meant to save the life of your partner or that she may continue to live and, if she chooses, conceive again.

This is not political. The is a flaw in our medical codeing system that will cause Doctors to hesitate performing these life-saving procedures for fear of being charged with a felony or losing their license to practice. This simple hesitation can and will cause preventable death. When you are hemmoraging or your body is septic, minutes are CRITICAL to your survival.

Help me protect women and protect the medical professionals who took a Hippocratic Oath to save lives.

We (women) need your signature.

Read this ENTIRE article.

I am going to be sending you some links so I can access them later.,after%20a%20miscarriage%20or%20abortion.,-even-for-ectopic-pregnancies

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