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Petition to Carry Out Death Sentence for Andrew Howard Brannan for the Murder of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller

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On January 12, 1998, Andrew Howard Brannan was clocked speeding at 98 mph down Georgia highway 16. He was followed by Sherriff deputy Kyle Dinkheller. Brannan saw the patrol car, lights flashing behind him and catching up to him. He got off the highway and onto a county road to get the officer alone with him. He pulled over. He got out of the vehicle, and was greeted nicely by the officer. He immediately put his hands in his pockets, and was told to take his hands out of his pockets. He refused and asked "why?" He then started taunting the officer, dancing around, demanding the officer shoot him. The officer called for backup, which upset Brannan even more, and he started rushing at the officer. The officer ordered Brannan to get back. Brannan returned to his vehicle, opened the door, and started digging for his M1 carbine and ammunition. He loaded the weapon and refused to put the weapon down. The officer fired a warning shot. Brannan returned fire using a military combat tactic used to get a target to shoot all their ammo, so that he could run up to him and gun him down while reloading. He shot the officer numerous times, in the legs, foot, and arms. Brannan reloaded his weapon, the officer forced himself to stand up and take a clear shot at Brannan. The officer missed. Brannan started firing while walking toward the officer, shooting him in the chest, and once in the head. The officer was debilitated at this point, but still alive. Brannan took careful aim, and fired the final "kill shot" into the officer's right eye. He ran back to his truck and fled the scene. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. 15 years later, he is still sitting in prison, feels no remorse, and is constantly appealing his sentence to avoid execution. He continues to beg and plead for his life, even though he can easily be so merciless to someone elses pleas for their life. He claims it was PTSD from vietnam combat that set him off and he feard for his life. If you fear for your life, do you jump around taunting someone to shoot you? No. He then claims he had a flashback, and thought he was back in Vietnam during the incident. However, this incident lasted several minutes, and there is a reason flashbacks are called FLASH-backs. They are here and gone in a flash. A person just gets a very startled feeling, and adreneline rush off the charts, just for an instant, then it goes away. Most flashbacks happen while a person sleeps. They may jump out of bed, but immediately realize what's going on. They don't go into a full-blown combat manuvor and kill anyone around them. This would be delirium, which if the man had this, I doubt he would have been able to successfully drive at almost 100mph. Then, Brannan claims he was mentally ill and did not know right from wrong. Ok,if a person does something wrong without knowing it is wrong, they just go about their lives as if nothing happened, right? Brannan committed murder, got in his vehicle, sped away as fast as he could, went home, rolled himself up in a tarp and hid himself all night until he was discovered the next morning because of his dog that wouldn't stay away from him. The dog blew his cover. So if he didn't think he did anything wrong, why run and hide? Why not go home, take a shower, cook some dinner, and sit in front of the idiot-box as if nothing happened? This man is sane, and is exploiting his veteran status to justify his actions. A video of this incident can be found online. Judge for yourself. Meanwhile, the officers children are having to grow up without knowing their father, and possibly later in life, running across the video of their father getting murdered, while Brannan sits behind bars, laughing, getting 3 meals per day, griping that he is "mistreated" by others, demanding to be treated like some VIP in prision because of him being a veteran, and not once feeling remorse for what he's done. He has even resorted to claiming "retardation" as an excuse for what he did to avoid the death penalty.... Mentally handicapped and able to drive 100mph, and strategically kill an officer? Sure... I say he pays for his crime and the state of Georgia carry out the sentence they continue to agree upon and quit letting this man play his sociopathic pitty-party games while taxpayers pay to feed and house a remorseless murderer. When the system fails, it is up to the people to tell the system what to do. If the government is too afraid or reluctant to carry out the sentence, I would be happy to call another trial and be the prosecutor, pointing out all the things that no one seemed to think about of even consider. I just ask that people look at all the facts, ignore excuses, and get rid of this man who has overstayed his welcome on this planet....

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