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Petition to cancel referendum on the 8th amendment pending full criminal investigation

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Cancel the Referendum on the 8th Amendment pending a full Criminal Investigation...

To An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Minister of Health Simon Harris, Minister of Children, and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone, Minister of Justice and Equality Charles Flanagan, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the entire government.

We the people of Ireland, demand the immediate cancelling of the referendum on the 8th amendment pending a full criminal investigation into all wrong doings that are affecting our democratic process and threatening our constitution. It is very important to note here that any changes made to the 8th amendment will in effect now be void.

1 – TD Ruth Coppinger should have never been allowed to vote on the Citizens committee as she should be spending multiple life sentences for her role in the "abortion pill bus" mass murdering campaign which she openly brags about on the 17th of January 2018 in the Dáil and is on the Dáil record. This mass murdering campaign is estimated to have caused between 500-1,500 deaths and still has not been investigated. The entire crew of ROSA must also be charged with multiple counts of mass murder and being part of a criminal organisation.

*We have high resolution video evidence of ROSA supplying the abortion pills and women taking these abortion pills. Evidence of this and related videos can be streamed from the Éire Inniú Anois(ÉIA) official party website at this link: http://www.eireinniuanois.irish/evidence-8th-amend...

2 – Prior to the recent scandal regarding 7 of the citizen assembly being unlawfully recruited, the citizens assembly had 24 pro-choice voices to 4 pro-life voices, how can this ever be considered democratic.

3 – The Citizens assembly made their decision before listening to all the speakers, how can this be considered anything other than the railroading of our constitution.

4 – We have Amnesty international not returning the money George Soros illegally funded, which at the end of the day goes against our democratic process.

5 – We also have disinformation by the pro choice side regarding the Savita Halappanavar HSE case, where she died of sepsis and negligence from the HSE, nothing to do with the 8th amendment and I would say an estimated 15-20% of the potential repeal vote are not aware of this. This can be found on the Dáil record.

6 – There has been no debate or representation of Father's rights to their unborn child, how can this be considered democratic.
7 – There is also the serious matter of the unheard voices of the disabled community. Are we really going to allow the fraudulent introduction of eugenics into the Irish social fabric.

8 – If a repeal vote is the majority, there is no guarantee that there will not be abortion up until birth for example, how can this be democratic.

9 – There is also the issue of possible voter fraud with approximately half a million more people registered to vote than there should be.

10 – From looking at recent official statistics from 2010, there is 14 times more parents looking to adopt children than there are children to adopt in Ireland and Irish parents are actually adopting from other countries. This is another valid point that has been silenced in this one-sided stitched up debate.

When we add up all the grounds for cancelling this referendum,it becomes vividly clear that repealing the 8th Amendment is criminal and void. We the Irish people will not accept this and demand this referendum be shelved for at least 3 years pending a full criminal investigation.

When you add up all these grounds for cancelling this referendum, it becomes vividly clear that repealing the 8th amendment is criminal and void.

We the Irish people will not accept this and demand this referendum be shelved for at least 3 years pending a full criminal investigation

We are running this Nationwide petition up until the Friday the 4th of May 2018. We have delivered 50,000 petition forms to mailboxes around the country and plan on delivering at least 160,000 by Friday April the 20th 2018 where we will depending on funding order at least 350,000 more petition forms for the last push. There is space for 4 signatures on each petition form.

We will be presenting all the signatures with a protest on Wednesday the 9th of May outside the Dáil.

We are looking for help delivering petition forms and for donations. You can donate at our official website donations section/buy from our shop or send money with the petition forms if you wish.

Here is the web address for our official website http://www.eireinniuanois.irish/ and http://www.eireinniuanois.irish/donate.html https://www.facebook.com/IrelandTodayNow/ Thanks very much for your support.

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