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Petition to ban Mrs Peel from Walford Web Forums

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First of all I would like to say that this petition isn't an attempt to cause some kind of rift or tension within the forums. I simply created this as I feel this is the most peaceful way to get the moderators to understand and appreciate how the members are feeling. I am simply practising my right to protest and petition. I apologise for any inconvenience this petition may cause or any discomfort some members may feel. I completely understand if you do not wish to sign the petition and I will not hold it against you.

Mrs Peel is a very controversial member of Walford Web. In my opinion, and many of the other members' opinions, she is very condescending and pedantic in her posts and comes across as wanting to portray her superiority over everybody else, and she likes to point out the small flaws in people's posts and opinions. This has made a great amount of members feel uncomfortable with her presence on the forums and as such some members have lessened the amount they post on the forums because of her.

Now, I know that is not enough to get Mrs Peel banned from the forums as that is just how some people interpret her posts and may not entirely be how she intends them to come across as. For example, if some members found my posts to be condescending and I got banned for it, that would be an injustice because some other members may feel that they are not condescending at all.

However, this is not the only reason that members of the forum are uncomfortable with Mrs Peel's presence. It is a well known fact that she is the creator of a blog called "EastEnders Unleashed" (www.eastendersunleashed.blogspot.com). On it, she posts reviews of EastEnders episodes, which is all well and good, but her opinions and how she expresses them can be crass at the best of times. Taking a recent post for example, in her review of the David and Carol wedding episode in which David suffered a heart attack, she refers to the character of Rebecca as "the latest in what appears to be along line of younger hairy teenaged girls who look like boys in drag."

I, for one, think that is a vile comment to make about somebody, especially somebody so young as the actress who plays Rebecca. You could say that Mrs Peel is referring to the character and so it is okay, but obviously the actress' appearance is part of the character, and if she is hairy, then that is the actress and not the character. There are multiple things that could make the actress appear hairier than normal, such as a hormone imbalance or polycystic ovary syndrome. To point this out and to mock her for it is disgraceful, especially in the world today that causes teenage girls to worry so much about the way they look.

As members of Walford Web will know, the forum closed back in October due to the creator John's desire to leave. Part of his wish to leave was because a member of the forum had posted vulgar things on his personal Facebook account. This member was Mrs Peel.

This isn't the only time she has attacked members. Her blog is renown for it's personal attacks on forum members both from Walford Web and Digital Spy. Digital Spy has even said they will never allow her back on the forums again. In February, for example, she called forum member Ender89, who is a Muslim, a "Taliban-esque bully". I'm not sure why Mrs Peel believes that Ender89 is a bully, but regardless of what Ender89 may or may not have done to earn such a title, the religionist comment made by Mrs Peel on two separate occasions I know of is appalling and shows a true lack of intelligence. To tar all members of the Islamic faith with the same brush is quite something, and highlights Mrs Peel's ignorance.

This is just one example of how awfully Mrs Peel has treated members of Walford Web in her blog. If you Google "EastEnders Unleashed" followed by the name of a member, then chances are, you are likely to see something she has posted about them. And no, I have not been posted about on her blog as of yet, so I am not creating this petition out of revenge, but because I truly believe that Mrs Peel should not have a place on the forum.

Mrs Peel was allowed back on Walford Web on the grounds that she did not post anything about WW members again. However, I believe that she should be banned regardless as the things she has said and done have been unforgivable and many members feel uneasy at having her around.

If you wish to sign this petition, I ask that you sign it with your Walford Web name.You may sign it anonymously if you really want to, but I would rather everybody signs it with their WW name in order to avoid accusations of me signing it multiple times anonymously or something like that. However, if you don't want to, then that's fine. Thanks for reading.

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