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Petition to ask CNN and BBC to cover Roofia's story.

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Dear Reader, The Government officials in Iran arrested two young women, right on the Iranian's New Year's Eve because the government ideology does not approve of their religious beliefs. Roofia Pakzadan and Mona Amri were arrested and sent directly to prison on March-18th-2013 since they were followers of Baha'i faith. These two young women did nothing wrong; yet, the Islamic Republic officials feel threatened by their very existence. Regime forces want to silence any voice or thought that is not synced with the Supreme Leader's dogma. Baha'i faith is a relatively new religion believes in god and advocates for all nations and religions to unify so that the human civilization could prosper through peace and security instead of war and hatred. It teaches its followers to respect all other religious beliefs and cherish humanity above any ideology. There area about 300,000 Baha'is living in Iran at the moment. The Islamic Republic has murdered 250 Baha'is and imprisoned close to 10,000 more since its establishment. These people have been denied of many basic human rights such as the right to a proper education or the right to a fair trail. Every year hundreds of Baha'is get arrested under erroneous and phony allegation. They get sentenced to months and sometimes years of incarceration under unfair laws and an unbalanced judicial system. Baha'is are even prohibited to have a defense attorney a majority of times. These are normal Iranian average citizens whose only crime is to have a different perspective on the world. The imprisonment of Roofia and Mona is the latest of these shenanigans. I know both of these girls. I grew up with them in Iran and they are family to me. I know for a fact that these two are innocent. I also believe that all the other Baha'is prosecuted in Iran under the current regime were innocent as well. This much injustice is unbearable and the Islamic Republic has become harsher towards Baha'is every year. I am urging you to sign this petition to ask CNN and BBC to shed light on the abusive religious discriminatory policies that the government of Iran has enacted. And maybe, some of these innocent human beings would be released after international pressure. Thanks for your time. Sina Hesari

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