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Petition to abolish waitlist system and improve gym facilities at HKUST

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On the 17th of September 2015, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology placed a waitlist system to regulate the number of students going into the gym. This action and decision was most definitely made by the the Facilities Office of this university. Alongside this, the decision had NO input from students whatsoever.

As a regular gym-goer, it is vital for one to continue going to the gym facilities often. This waitlist system has caused considerable disruption of my usage of the facility.

Speaking from my own experience, I go to the gym 5 to 6 times a week. During each day, I have a lot of work to do. I have to manage my time well. Within my tight schedule, I managed to squeeze in valuable time to go to the gym. Please know that students simply cannot and do not have the most flexible schedule, unlike what you as a university think.

I also have to go the gym often because if I do not, my muscular gains will be affected. This is because I will not be able to give regular strain on my muscle fibres for them to tear and grow bigger. This is the science behind muscle growth. Being persistent and maintaining a routine is a vital component for muscle growth and strength. I have long term goals to get bigger and stronger, however the university is not supporting my decision to do so.

However, now, this university, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is starting a waitlist for entering the gym. This is an extremely poor and dumb decision made by a university ranked so high in the current rankings. People who are busy, now have to waste their valuable time waiting for people to finish to progress on. Now, my hour workout maybe reduced to only 30 to 40 minutes because I have to simply wait.

I believe this is a poor decision made by the university because the university facilities office simply knows how busy the gym facility gets during its peak hours. This is why the waitlist system was placed in the first place. However, I believe this university was inconsiderate of its students because if the facilities' office was CONSIDERATE, they would have expanded the gym facility and improved it further. However they failed to so.

I wish to repeat what the university can and cannot do in bullet points.


  • Offer to expand the gym
  • Offer to support problems of students of university facilities and resolve these issues to improve student happiness generally
  • See this petition and take action immediately since students' satisfaction is very low due to the waitlist
  • Support the health, muscle growth, and strength increase in students who wish to without disturbance


  • Cause inconvenience and affect students' time plans
  • Make decisions without listening and even informing the students
  • Be inconsiderate like its current waitlist decision
  • Be close minded for their own interests

I could list all the problems that I have with this university in every way so, however I believe that I, as a student, have to mind certain inconveniences as nothing is perfect in the real world. However, I believe this university, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, has gone too far with enabling a waitlist system in the gym. Going to the gym with its HLTH1010 course obstructing half its facilities is already a major inconvenience. No one has stated anything about this though since we understand that university values health(?). This time, I could not hold back as going to the gym is my hobby, my time of self development, and my source of fun nearly everyday. I believe my words reflect the thoughts and opinions of many people who go to the gym regularly like I do.

I demand that Hong Kong University of Science and Technology IMMEDIATELY revoke their decision to continue with a waitlist system for the gym and initiate plans to develop and improve the existing gym facilities it currently has.

A smart and hard-working person does not only study a lot, he or she also requires exercise in the gym in order to develop further. Whilst the library is developing nearly every year to help accommodate needs of students, why is this not applied to the gym facilities then? Is health insignificant compared to academic work? How does this do so? Exercising can help assist the endurance of a student. By doing so, a student is able to maintain focus for longer in the library and therefore improve their grades. Being fit also helps maintain a fit mind, therefore overall being positive and optimistic when studying. I also believe that exercising has helped me become more productive and regulate my time well. If I lose any time, it will affect my productivity.

This university emphasises the importance of health through its special course called HLTH1010. Like I said previously, entry into half of the gym is restricted during certain times of the day due to the Training Workshop. However does this waitlist decision support the values that HLTH1010 is trying to convey? Please take a minute to think. The answer is simply: no.

Now I come to an end of my long rant. I have had enough. Everyone who agrees with my has had enough too. It is time for this university, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, to take action and listen to us.

I summarise by saying:


Students, please sign this petition if you agree to what has been written.

Thank you for taking your time to read this information:

Ji Hoon Sherk, a Year 3 Student, who has simply had enough.

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