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Petition to a Proposal to Develop Preserve at Holt

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The proposal for the extended sub-division Preserve at Holt to connect and extend The Courtyards on Holt (COH) draws a number of significant concerns for the existing homeowners in COH. The people of COH generally reject the proposal as written and planned, given a number of inconsistencies that appear in the proposal relative to the existing neighborhood.

COH is a planned 55+ small community with consistent housing, managed landscaping, a planned community center, shared mailboxes, and similarly situated people (i.e., generally 55+, retired or near retirement, with few to no children in the neighborhood on a consistent basis). The proposal impacts the promise of the COH as planned and represents a departure in what the residents of COH bought into and expected.

We, the undersigned of COH, reject the proposal for the Preserve at Holt as written. If the proposal is approved by the Town of Apex, we ask for strong consideration from the Council to address the requests of the existing COH homeowners to ensure the development does not destroy the value, structure, community, benefits, and expectations of our community.

If the proposal is not rejected as written, see below concerns and requests.

  1. SPECIAL CONDITIONS, RIGHT-OF-WAY: Project shall extend existing Elk River right-of-way
    1. Concern: A premium was paid by residents of the Ctyds. at Holt to live in a 55+ community for some benefits that would be lost by having Elk River Dr. and Phillips Branch Rd. as the only vehicular access for the proposed development.
    2. Request: Provide street access for the Preserve at Holt directly to Holt Rd.
  2. SPECIAL CONDITIONS, CONCRETE SIDEWALK: A 5' concrete sidewalk won't be provided to Holt Rd., pedestrians will have access via COH
    1. Concern: To have residents of The Preserve at Holt walk through COH for access to Holt Rd. not only seems unnecessary as their houses would already be very close to Holt Rd., but will also negatively affect some of the reasons to live in a 55+ community.
    2. Request: Provide a short sidewalk to Holt Rd. between proposed lots 1 and 4.
  3. PROJECT INFORMATION, LANDSCAPING: Buffer, property line of 10'
    1. Concern: A 10' landscape buffer between both developments is not sufficient.
    2. Request: Provide a 30' buffer between existing COH property lines and proposed houses 1 & 2.
  4. SPECIAL CONDITIONS, ACCESSORY DWELLING UNITS: Covenants shall not restrict the construction of accessory dwelling units
    1. Concern: Clarify what is considered an accessory dwelling units, as they may impact property values at COH due to the close proximity to such proposed dwelling units.
    2. Request: Do not allow accessory dwelling units.
    1. Concern: The construction entrance with gravel as requested by the Town of Apex will reduce but not eliminate dirt and mud from getting on the street and garages, in addition to the constant traffic of trucks and heavy equipment that has already been experienced by COH homeowners, in some cases for almost a year.
    2. Request: Provide construction access to Holt Rd.
    1. Concern: Requested is a zoning change to Medium Density Residential which typically includes duplexes and townhomes. It also mentions a maximum built height of 40' and house entrances with single-car garages. If Elk River Dr. were to be extended, the proposed houses need to have a consistent appearance with the rest of the street.
    1. Request: Provide drawings of proposed residences and clarify if single family, size and number of levels and make necessary changes to maintain consistency with the rest of Elk River Dr. homes if this street will be used for access. Homes should be required to match the same size/level/sq footage (on average) as homes in COH. Landscaping materials and density should meet the existing requirements in COH to maintain consistency.
  7. PROJECT INFORMATION NOTE: No Holt Rd., frontage improvements are proposed
    1. Concern: Clarify which improvements are exempt and why. A number of pedestrians use Holt Rd., but the lack of sidewalk in front of this proposed development is a safety hazard that can easily be resolved with a sidewalk.
    2. Request: Provide sidewalk along Holt Rd. if not currently planned.
  8. SPECIAL CONDITIONS, TREE CANOPY: Project shall preserve a minimum of 50% of the existing tree canopy.
    1. Concern: All or most of the trees to be protected are in the protected wetland area. Some builders tend to cut down everything in the construction area, while others flag some existing trees to avoid their removal. A 50% tree removal is excessive considering the land available
    2. Request: Mark individual trees to be protected in the construction area to preserve as many as possible and preserve the existing trees along the property line between both developments at a minimum of 30' from property line.
    1. Concern: Loss of privacy if the wooden fence along the houses at the end of Elk River Dr. is removed.
    2. Request: Keep the privacy fence the way it is and extend it along the full property line of COH that runs alongside the Preserve property line.

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