PETITION: Remove the Facebook Page: Anime is Satan

4 Signatures Goal: 100,000,000

Anime is Satan which in a brief description claims that anything related to anime is Satanic. This is offensive to many members of the facebook community for being hateful towards anime and people that watch anime. The owner of the page enjoys demonizing anime and is clearly using this website to defemate people that watch anime. Help me by signing this petition to have this fan page removed from facebook. Like ''Anime is not Satan'' on facebook (page) now, and start supporting anime. and join ''Anime is Not Satan'' on Facebook (group).




  • 2 years ago
    fransiska theresia
    2 years ago
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    terry crookes
    3 years ago
  • 3 years ago
    Katherine Samuel United States
    3 years ago
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    Alexander Bauer United States
    4 years ago