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Petition of Support-Elli Moishe Blachman

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Rosh Chodesh Adar Alef - Marbim B’Simcha – 5774

Petition of Support

We the undersigned, hereby petition the support of all right-thinking Yidden for Eli Moishe Blachman, as a fellow Yid, and as an exemplary worker for the good of the Crown Heights Jewish community.

Eli Moishe Blachman has been involved in public service since 1978. For over 35 years, Eli Blachman has given of himself with true Mesirus Nefesh, for the Maple Street Shul, in which the Rebbe and Rebbetzen were directly involved, by paying their membership dues in the Shul.

Indeed, Eli Moishe Blachman has always showed a total dedication for Tzorchei Tzibur. Whether it involved fixing the roof of the shul, providing moral and financial support to tragedy-stricken families, and many other acts of kindness, Eli Moishe has always showed outstanding courage and Chesed, while staying humble and avoiding being promoted and honored.

So it’s no wonder that the Rebbe entrusted him to inspire the members of the Maple Street Shul, by giving him mashke to distribute at Melava Malkahs. This is a man the Rebbe knew as a true Chosid, an Ish Ha-Chesed, and an Askan Klali, with true Yiras Shamayim. Eli Moishe Blachman has always been willing to help another Yid in need.

Eli Moishe Blachman is also a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather, who stands as a true Dugmah Chaya for all of his children and grandchildren.

For almost 20 years, Eli Moishe Blachman has served the City of New York, as the editor-in-chief of the City Record newspaper. In this capacity, he has used his relationships with members of the government on numerous occasions, for the wellbeing of our community, putting a priority for Tzorchei Tzibur before his own affairs with true Emunah.

The Maple Street Shul is now thriving again. The Shul hosts a full-time Yeshiva, with 70 Bochurim, who come there 6 days a week to learn Torah. On Shabbosim and Yomim Tovim, the Shul is used by a dynamic group of over 100 Yungeleit, under the leadership of Rabbi Chaim Fogelman, where a true Chassidisher ambiance can be experienced. Rabbi Fogelman also conducts an active series of Shiurim and Farbrengens during the week.

These days, Eli Moishe Blachman is undergoing tremendous Agmas Nefesh, Rachmono L’tslan, caused by a few misguided Yidden, who have decided to damage his reputation and livelihood, by demoralizing him, and causing much harm to the entire Blachman family. This also affects the Maple Street Shul, and many members of our community.

We the undersigned, hereby express our full and complete support for Reb Eli Moishe Blachman, and strongly encourage him to continue his Avodas Hakodesh, B’yeyser Seys, Ub’yeser Oyz. Eli Moishe, you have a duty not to be Misbayesh B’fnei Ha-maligim. The challenge is big and intense, but we urge and support you to stand firm, and to continue your Avodas Ha-shlichus.

We hope and pray, that the Almighty will continue to assist Eli Moishe Blachman and his family, in their Avodas Ha-klal, and to succeed in promoting Sholom V’achdus, Ad Bi-as Goel Tzedek.

ויהי רצון אשר מכאן ולהבא לא ידעו עוד מכל עגמ״נ ח״ו, ואך טוב וחסד בטוב הנראה והנגלה ימצאום תכה״י

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