Petition for Representative Government

Phil Gibson
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We call on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second to dissolve Parliament and so remove the current compromised, corrupt and criminal elements comprised within our government from office. The petitioners do so request that Her Majesty then recalls Parliament to elect representatives from the House of Commons to fulfil the functions of government from all parties and none that have served in the last three save for those considered to be above reproach. The purpose of which is to form a transitional government and with parliament consult with the citizens of the United Kingdom fully with respect to any political reforms deemed necessary and acceptable to them with the intention of revising the relationship between the government and the people. The newly formed government shall provide Her Majesty with a dispensation against culpability for war crimes and crimes against humanity for which she has command responsibility, but for which she should be absolved of all guilt in respect of the criminal actions of recent governments that have discredited and disgraced the Crown of England and the British people. There should be thorough and formal investigations of all those involved in the financial fraud against the citizens of the United Kingdom and of those involved in breaches of international law, namely crimes against humanity and war crimes. It is the aim of the petitioners to bring about peaceful, practicable, sustainable and long term change for the benefit of all without causing chaos during this process and to re-affirm our commitment to retaining the Monarchy as a bulwark against oppressive, corrupt and illegitimate government.




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