Petition For Occupational Driver's License

Beverly Sneed
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To the Honorable Judge of Said Court: Comes now, Jodi Elizabeth Boyd, petitioning truthfully to the following: A. Than Petitieioner is a Africian-American Female, age 38 years, born September 23, 1974, and a resident at 204 Tulley Tr., Whitehouse, Smith County, TX 75791, and is employed by Burger King, 406 Texas 110, Whitehouse, TX 75791 and as required by his employer; and employment is necessary to maintain a residence and livelihood. B. The Petitiioner represents to the Court that there exists an essential need for her operation of a moteor vehicle in going from home/work. Due to the nature of her title and job responsibilites her work hours vary from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Sunday through Saturday. Her current title as shift manager requires her to be availble as according to the needs of her employer for shift changes and overtime, As a result of such occupation, a valid drivers license if required for her to continue in this occupation and employment; and that Petitioner has no other skill or trade and this is her oly means of livihood. C. the Petitioner has secured or will secure Public Liability insurance on her vehicle which is in full force and effect as required under Article 6701 R.C.S. of the State of Texas Herefore, Premises Considered, Petitioner prays that the Court set a time and place for heraring and that on final hearing hereof, her Petition for an occupational license be granted as set forth herin and for general relief. Respectfully submitted, Jodi Elizabeth Boyd 204 Tulley Trail Whitehouse, TX Petitioner



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