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Petition for NCSoft to remove the publishing rights of AION from Gameforge and find another, more suitable publisher.

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Gameforge is in the current online gaming market, widely known for their corruption, lack of respect for the player base, and prowess in destroying the games they publish and their reputation.

AION is no exception, the player base expresses their frustration on many websites on a daily basis, to the point that when AION is not giving them enough profit, and NCSoft has to find another publisher, the reputation of AION is already destroyed, and we're not talking about just any game here, AION is the most direct rival to World of Warcraft, and the MMORPG created in the East that has the largest playerbase, number 1 when it comes to Free to Play MMORPGs even.

Player discontempt has got to the point, that a poll where over 10 thousand players participated, 90% of them wanted AION Europe, to be explored by any other company other than Gameforge.

Gameforge is a terrible company, caring for nothing other than money, and even tho we understand that it's a business, it's poorly run, it has been fined, and their corruption and abuse of power by unprofessional moderators and admins is famous, but we're talking about AION.

On AION, detailed proof on how moderators and admins have abused their power, in acts of pure injustice which led to the temporary and permanent banning of players are all over the internet. Players that contest these decisions only see their bans enforced further, and temporary bans have turned into permanent bans this way, all because there is no competent justice channels that work over the internet, and suing a company is expensive, but let it be known that many players have lost accounts they worked extremely hard for, due to the corruption of this company.

In comparison to other servers, particularly North America. Gameforge's way of creating a "Free to Play" game was ridiculed when they presented the Gold Pack which denies players of the most basic services, such as trading with their friends. This basic function and a necessity in all MMO's was denied, with the excuse that it was going to be a temporary solution to bots, yet, Gameforge lets bots, gold sellers, and hackers, go on their server and install chaos without doing absolutely nothing about it, and openly admitting it, and this was just one of many basic features Gameforge denied to non-paying customers.

Their admins, the few of them who appear in the game every other month, know little to nothing about the game, hardly interact with the player base at all other than to enforce bans when the Gameforge name has been "unfairly" put to shame. Their vast number of servers is ridiculous, with less than the player base that the North American version has, they have three times the number of servers. They are incapable of making any decision to change their game in a unique way so to suit in a better manner the region or the needs of the players.

Their poorly populated servers are extremely laggy, and yet they ban latency (ping) fixing programs such as WTFast and BattlePing without presenting a better solution. Latency to European players is about 100 plus, when any other game in which the servers are hosted in Europe have a ping close to half of that, despite the genre, MMORPG, FPS, RTS, irrelevant, Gameforge presents us with some of the worst server qualities ever seen in a online game, specially in a game with the quality of AION that deserves only the best. Again, this is NCSoft game that they are destroying, not their name, that already lost its credibility a long time ago.

Even in North America servers, all over the forums the European community is mocked for how bad the game is run and what we have to put up with. It is not acceptable at any rate, that socketing 100 manastones in a level 65 eternal piece of equipment leads to 27 successes and 73 fails. It is not acceptable that in every other version of the game, North American, Korean, Chinese, etc. the socketing rates went up in the update 4.5, and ours stood the same or lower even, this game has became pay to play since version 4.0, barely unplayable due to large kinah costs of items due to low player base which is courtesy of the way too many servers there are, and the high demand and very little supply in the broker, added to the rates practiced by Gameforge. Increasing the quality of your equipment has become almost impossible, even most of the top players are socketing white manastones nowadays.

Going to the point where hackers with no-animation, fly, and other types of hacks are recorded with screen caption software, reported to Gameforge and seeing no actions taken against said players is a slap in the face. Rich players from the UAE region have gone to the point of saying that Gameforge can't ban them because they spend thousands of dollars in their game, screenshotted, sent to Gameforge, and obviously, nothing happens.

Our drop rates are over 50% lower than any other region, a player streamed a test where he would go from the beginning of Poeta to the end, doing the exact same things, killing the exact same mobs, doing the exact same quests, both in the North American version, and the same in European version, and picking up only gear, in the European version he got 15 pieces of gear, and in the North American version he had all 4 cubes full before he got to the end.

The extremely long maintenance times and clueless staff, with late updates is almost like a punishment to loyal players, who were used to NCSoft quality of maintenance, and now have to deal with incomplete, poorly translated (we had Balaurea map names in Korean for over three months), broken patches.

No website support and live profiles like it was promised from the beginning, like any other MMORPG has, but AION, the ruling game when it comes to Free massive multilayer online games, hasn't, courtesy of Gameforge, because it doesn't translate into profit.

This and many other reasons is why we ask you, the player, to make your voice heard and vote for NCSoft to revoke Gameforge's publishing rights or not to extend their contract in the future. They are ruining your experience, they are ruining NCSoft's game and its reputation, enough is enough.

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