Petition for 343 to support 4 player split screen in Halo 5 (@Brav, @JoshingtonState, @PlutonForEver)

Adam Mark
Adam Mark 332 Comments
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Couch gaming has been a staple of the Halo franchise forever, and with Halo 5 that will come to an end, limiting the game to only 2 player split screen instead of 4.

My faith in 343 and Microsoft had been restored when I found out TMCC did support 4 player local, however now it is gone again.

We the fans must petition 343 to change their minds and include it in the final game. They have an entire year to make it work, I honestly don't care if they have to turn down the resolution or framerate to make 4 player work, they should do whatever they have to.

Please spread this petition by Tweeting it to the 343 developers. Their Twitter names are listed below:




















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