Petition Congress to Stop Ageism

George  Stevenson
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Americans over the age 50 are the fastest growing population but those people who are 49 or less are not embracing them.

Older Americans have to deal with younger people using terms such as "old geezer" and many other derogatory names as well dealing with job discrimination, abuse, and neglect. All of these are forms of ageism and it must stop. People's positive beliefs and attitudes toward older people boosts their mental health.Olderpeople with positive perceptions on aging live 7.5 years longer than those with negative self-perceptions of aging according to a study done by Becca Ley, PhD, professor of public health at Yale University.

Older people's rights are being violated. They have a right to live healthy, dignified, and productive lives. Help us give them a voice. Sign the petition to call on the United States Congress to introduce legislation to stand against ageism.



  • Marva Booth
    Marva Booth United States, Gulfport
    Dec 01, 2013
    Dec 01, 2013
    I agree with this. Something need to be done to safegaurd older people from abuse.


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    Shawnise M. Miller United States
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    Marva Booth United States
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