petition against pulling funding for residential school reparations

D Ellis-Guertin
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June 11th, 2013 will mark the 5 years anniversary since we heard you apology on behalf Canada, asking for forgiveness for your policy of assimilation. Recognizing the wrong and the great harm caused by Residential Schools. Thousands of our people gathered at Parliament Hill and in front of television sets across the country, tears flowing as we heard you describe and condemn the genocidal policies that set out "to kill the Indian in the child". This was indeed an important step forward in healing the relationship between Canadians and Aboriginal people. Many of us, rejuvenated by this message began the process of rigorouslyreaching out to residential school survivors and their families to encourage them to begin their healing journey by conveying that our war of guilt, shame and anger was now over! Yet here we are 5 years later with the funding for our 15 healing centres which were created to respond to the trauma experienced by residential school survivors and those inter-generationally impacted will cease December 2013 as the Aboriginal Healing Foundation has begun to wind down. New avenues are necessary to continue these fundamental services provided by our 15 healing centres. Closing them will place survivors and their families in untenable circumsctances of risk which is not an acceptable remedy. We urge you and your government to reinstate the funding required for the continuation of the essential services provided by these healing centres. As you stated in your apology Mr. Harper "this is a burden which cannot and should not bear alone".



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