Petition Against Proposed Re-Zoning and Addition of Condos to Abbey Knoll Subdivision

Jen Merkich
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We, the undersigned property owners of the Abbey Knoll subdivision and/or members of Orange Township, hereby file a protest to the proposed re-zoning from FR-1 (Farm Residence District) to MF-PRD (Multi-Family Planned Residence District) to allow for the construction of 42-detached condominium buildings (approximately doubling the density of adjacent developments on three sides of the current property) to be known as Courtyards at Abbey Knoll located at 7085 South Old State Road. The proposed re-zoning is not in keeping with the established values and structure of the surrounding areas both current and future. In addition, it is not in agreement with the Orange Township Land Use Plan. I certify that I am an Orange Township Resident.




  • 4 years ago
    Doug Kallgren United States
    4 years ago