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Petition against granting refugee status to Mr. Akos Kertesz

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We the undersigned law-abiding, taxpaying and loyal Canadian citizens object to Mr. Akos Kertesz of Hungary, potentially requesting or actually requesting refugee status in Canada. 

Mr. Akos Kertesz of Hungary, for fifty (50) or more years received innumerable honours, decorations and benefits, while serving a dictatorial regime, from which most of us became refugees and found a home in Canada. For example the 1956 Revolution and War of Liberty and its aftermath. His slanderous statements about the Hungarian nation, and Hungarians in general appeared in the Hungarian-US weekly Amerikai Nepszava on August 29, 2011, which contained the following (translation): “Hungarians were genetically prone not to take responsibility for their actions. Hungarians are genetically subservient. They do not feel the slightest remorse for the gravest of historical crimes, they shift their responsibility to others and always put the blame on others. They happily wallow in the puddle of dictatorship, grunt and gobble up the swill, and don’t want to realize that they will be stabbed in the back. They are unable or unwilling to learn. They envy and, if possible, kill those who succeed in life through work, learning and innovation. Today, only the Hungarians can be blamed for horrors of World War II, the Holocaust, as the Hungarian nation remained the only one which, unlike the Germans, had failed to admit, confess and repent for their sins.” From the above quotation it is crystal clear that he is a racist individual against his own nation, which not only accepted him but acknowledged his talents by granting him high distinctions. 

His published derogatory statement about his own nation and fellow countrymen are clearly racist of the worst kind. What makes him better or places him over and above millions of his compatriots? Mr. Akos Kertesz now appears to want to avoid the consequences of his misdeeds and may seek asylum in Canada at Canadian taxpayers’ expenses. He would receive untold benefits free, such that the regime he served not only denied to us, but often made us homeless refugees. An intolerant person such as Mr. Akos Kertesz, has no place in Canada within our Multicultural society. Therefore, we object most strenuously against the Canadian Government granting refugee status to Mr. Akos Kertesz, Hungarian citizen.

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