Petition Against CAK's Mandatory Drug Testing

Jeffery  Sullivan
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Dear CAK Board & Administration,

While we know your intent for the drug testing program is heart felt and in good faith for the growth of our children we the parents feel there are other methods or modifications to achieve the same objectives we all strive to attain as Christians attending CAK. Our request is simple, we ask the administration to delay implementing the Mandatory Drug Testing for the 2014 school year for the rising 8th-12th grades until the administration & parent's can hold discussions on its implementation, modification, election as a CAK family to achieve the intended goals.

With this in mind our signature on this petition signifies we will NOT allow our children to be drug tested and will be willing to REMOVE our student(s) beginning the 2014 school year.



  • Jeffery  Sullivan
    Jeffery Sullivan United States, Knoxville
    Jul 24, 2014
    Jul 24, 2014
    This is the website to the company being paid $39 per test to administer the program, Psychemedics Corp.

    Here's the link to that company's School Drug Testing Program


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