Demand a Public Apology from Peter King

Monique Harris
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As most of you have heard, New York Congressman Peter King recently appeared on YouTube calling Michael Jackson a "low life" and a "pervert.” For a Congressman to publicly defame Michael Jackson, or any person for that matter, days after his death and while his family is grieving, is intolerable! Doing so is unprofessional, not to mention callous and inhumane! We will NOT tolerate this type of behavior from any public official, someone who is ELECTED to represent the people. For these reasons, we DEMAND that Congressman Peter King immediately make a public apology to Michael Jackson's fans and, most importantly, to the Jackson family. Show New York Congressman Peter King and other public officials that we will not tolerate this type of behavior! Please add your signature to the petition below and DEMAND a public apology. Click or copy and paste the link below to hear Peter King's remarks on YouTube:






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