Petition closed: Pete Grieder's Letter to the LH Community

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I would like to let everyone know that I am greatly honored by the huge support I have received from the community in my quest to be considered the Athletic Coordinator of LHHS. Today after discussing this decision with my wife, I have made my final decision to withdraw my consideration to become Athletic Coordinator. I had a personal conference with Bob Dubey, the RISD Athletic Director, on Thursday afternoon for over an hour. We had a great talk about the position and what it entails. When all was said and done, for me to become the Athletic Coordinator, I would also have to be the head football coach and that is not something I desire to do since I am engrained in the LH wrestling program.

During our talk, he gave me the opportunity to discuss the concerns I had as both a coach and a community member. I can say that during these last 2 weeks, a message has been sent by the community that Lake Highlands is unified and on the same page of wanting an Athletic Coordinator that truly wants not just a good football team, but also wants to see the overall athletic programs in Lake Highlands improve.

In conclusion, Lake Highlands will be heading in the right direction. I plan on supporting the new Athletic Coordinator/Head Football coach 100% when he arrives. I believe that our community will unify and move forward into a positive future for the Lake Highlands area.


Coach Pete Grieder

Lake Highlands Wrestling coach

Geometry teacher

Community Member



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