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I am running For president of these United States And I need your Help

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My name is Pete Emmert, I am just a guy who cares for this country and all of you living here, I am not a politician, I am just like you, I did not do well as a young man,( that is not to say this about you, I am just putting out there so there are NO surprises later on) I did not finish high school, I partied and I never married BUT! This makes me no less of a citizen of and who I am today, Fed up with politics as we know it. With the way this Government is going, we will lose. My Friends, I want your help in turning this Nation back to a Nation of good standing. It is YOUR Nation and you need to step up to the Plate and elect me to Clean House. I want to and can change the way our government operates. A mandatory Pay cut of 50% will be put in place on all Members of Congress and the senate. Special interest will be no more; I will not tolerate ANYONE with a "self agenda" in our House. A pricing cap on oil and increased production will bring down the cost of gasoline, this will be executive order. A flat tax system of 15 % of your monthly income, WILL be implemented for all people, wealthy or not, makes no difference, In the long run, this is the easiest way to go about bringing our debt down to a workable amount in the shortest amount of time. I know this will be painful but, when we have caught the deficit up, the percentage will drop to 10% then we all can stand proud once again saying that we as a nation have overcome and adapted once again!. NO OBAMACARE! Better than 50% of senate, house and comity will be fired, Aids and Interns will remain. Government is way too big and out of control. I will stop all funding going out to other Countries that do not reciprocate with us. Social Security will be repaired. People, this is my plea to you, I want to step up and do something rather than cry and wine about this and that. This is still a free Nation and I am running for President of These United States of y-our America. I will concentrate on you, the people, Folks this is your chance to put somebody in there for just one term, who will fix the problems we face today So please sign this Petition for me. While I am in office, I will be changing the congress and the way it is ran. I want the old fashioned values brought back and I will be putting in Lawyers who want to serve this Country, Not themselves, successful Business men who use common sense, all of course like me, NON politicians and volunteers (they will get paid fairly for their service). This is how the Congress started out to be long ago and I aim to put it back the way it was. This is the first step in fixing the trouble we have facing us today. I think I speak your voice when I say that we are fed up with the institutionalized politician who is far up inside his behind that he/she cannot see what’s happening to US as residents of the United States of America… Your America. Please stand with me while I work at re-strengthening our Military so we can effectively defend ourselves against terrorism. The money I reallocate from not sending to other countries will be ear marked specifically for our defense. The housing crises will be addressed effective my entering the White House, I will put another executive order for ALL banks to restructure their foreclosure system so that all Americans facing homelessness, will not ever have to worry and have peace of mind. I will revamp the housing on ALL closed Military bases and allocate them for Low income Veterans and Disabled Vets alike. Vets who have served four years or more will be exempt from Taxation as well as the retired citizens, You ALL have paid your dues for this great nation and I thank you. I am neither Republican nor Democratic, I am a conservative independent who has a bit of common sense. I invite your contributions as well so I can get out there and talk to you face to face. I will be setting up a special trust fund specifically for my campaign, nothing else. I hope I have made my plea as a common man with a common interest in your America, Our America. I welcome your comments. Thank you so much, Pete Emmert


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