People of India - Rise up for women's safety

Anubhav Gupta
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5 Signatures Goal: 10,000,000

Please read this carefully before you sign: The shameless and bold perpetrators of crimes against women roam our streets and target their victims generally in full public view. They are emboldened by the lack of individual and collective rebuttal from common citizens around the scene and the resultant public apathy and timidity. The people at the scene, often shy away from raising protest and confronting the perpetrators - often out of lack of courage basis the perception that they cant fight the perpetrators alone. This emboldens the criminals further and encourages heinous crimes. As a signatory to this movement, you will undertake to the following: 1)you will wear a black band on your arm or pin-up a black ribbon on your coat/shirt at the front, when in a public place - so people around can easily identify you as a fighter for protecting women's dignity. This is very critical. 2)whenever any woman is inappropriately approached (whether physically or through visual gestures) around you, YOU WILL raise a voice and confront the men who are subjecting the woman to that harassment and humiliation. 3)You will join in support of every other fighter like yourself when you see them protesting against indecent conduct anywhere around you. Through this public display of a symbol of affiliation to this cause, we endeavour that everybody in a public place should be able to realize how many people around him are ready to fight for upholding a woman's dignity and this should lead to collective courage for fighters at all times, and collective deterrence for anti-social elements. You must realize and make others realize - that now no one will ever be alone in his/her fight for upholding the dignity of women around him/her. Lets show that we fighters exist - and exist everywhere, and that we are an army available at each other's command - any time, any place. Sign ONLY IF you have full sincerity of purpose! Please. Vande Mataram.


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