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People for Jian Ghomeshi (The Q show)

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To the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Administrators:

This petition calls for the reinstatement of radio talk show host Jian Ghomeshi. We, the undersigned, feel that Jian Ghomeshi should be reinstated to his job and receive backpay and compensation for his sudden termination based on his personal life (his private right). Without Jian Ghomeshi (The Q Show), the CBC radio programming will lose hundreds of thousands of active and faithful listeners, which will cause a decline to your audience.

The CBC radio we have all known and been a part of will more than likely fall apart and simply cease to be due (a fall in ratings) to disinterest by the faithful listeners Jian Ghomeshi. The Q show, under Ghomeshi's guidance, has worked hard and delivered successful and entertaining shows and without him, who knows what quality we will see in future shows in terms of innovation, directing and producing. Simply put, he is irreplaceable and an important asset to the CBC.

Current admirers and listeners alike will no longer see and hear their good talk show doing the job he loves so much. He has put so much of his time and effort and heart into this job and show (that he created); he has taken many of his listeners to many exciting Canadian events/places over the time and, despite the lack of visual aid, he had managed to make his audience feel and imagine every interview. This is why it’s important and necessary to reinstate him to his position because his absence for this year and years following from CBC will be detrimental to the growth and education of many listeners who wish to learn their Canadian culture causing his sizeable audience to shift from the CBC to other competitors.

Please think of how Jian Ghomeshi’s actions or decisions had positively affected the CBC over the years, and please consider reinstating him and compensating him for any concurring, if demonstrated, emotional and personal wrongdoing. Thank you for listening to the people who pay taxes to keep the CBC’s operational income alive and well. This is the radio for the people and paid by the people, so the people demand the return of Jian Ghomeshi to CBC.

Please note: I mean no disrespect to the CBC or any other administrators that might take offence to this letter, We just feel that the opinion of the listeners to the Q show and all citizens who enjoy CBC radio should be formally expressed.

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