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People against a minimum price per unit of alcohol

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Like me you probably don't go out on a Friday night, get paralytic, stamp on someone's face and end up in hospital getting you're stomach pumped. Like most average people you probably enjoy a good drink with friends whether at home or at the pub. The government claims this will not affect the average drinker however they are lying to you. What they don't tell you is if a litre of spirits contains 40 units the minimum you will pay is £16.00. Currently a litre of premium brand spirits is around £16.00 give or take whether you got a good deal. 'So what' I hear you say 'there's no difference'. Well think about this, if a litre of economy spirits will cost £16.00 then a premium drinks manufacturer is hardly likely to want to retail their product at the same price as the poor quality alcohol. They will therefore raise their pricing in line with their current price deferential which is roughly between 23 and 30 percent. Your favourite bottle of £16.00 spirits just became a £20.00+ bottle of spirits! This doesn't just work with spirits but all alcohol. No manufacturer will want to sell their product at the same price as the economy ranges. If we let this go ahead we will all be affected and I'm sure you'll all agree our wallets have been squeezed enough. I need 100,000 people to sign this petition asap before this gets through parliament and I promise I will take this directly to number Ten Downing Street. Oh and by the way they wanted the minimum to be 50p a unit so how long before that happens if we let them get away with 40p.

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