PSU Disaffiliate with the FLA!

Kyle Horstmann
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President Spanier,

I, the undersigned, urge you to disaffiliate with the Fair Labor Association (FLA).  Our university is wasting money on this organization that has failed to accurately monitor factories.

The FLA has proven they are unable and unwilling to improve factory conditions, as seen in the Russell Athletic case. The FLA’s reports were counterfactual and the FLA continuously interviewed workers while management was present. Penn State withdrew from Russell due to their abuse of workers. Yet, the FLA refused to condemn Russell for any such abuse.

The Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) has proven that they are successful and sufficient alone in protecting workers’ rights. The WRC is an independent organization and is transparent in its reports. They have successfully remediated numerous cases, most recently, with Russell and Nike.

I urge you to disaffiliate with the FLA, which has proved to be a waste of the university’s funds and a hindrance to workers’ rights.


Penn State United Students Against Sweatshops





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