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Every year we see an increasing number of Chinese students graduating from the PENN GSE Educational Linguistics Division. All these alumni are responsible for making contributions to the field of educational linguistics as well as other academic fields. Their influence is growing continuously. Each of us may be serving in different parts of the world, but wherever we are, we carry with us the name of the PENN GSE Educational Linguistics division. Our passion and love for PENN GSE motivates us all to move forward to enrich our personal and academic lives. To strengthen our impact, PENN GSE Educational Linguistics Chinese Alumni Association is established. 

There are several goals for our association:  To nurture relationships with current and future alumni and continue their engagement in the life of PENN GSE;  To provide alumni with resources and opportunities for professional development, social interaction and information sharing;  To enhance effective communication between PENN GSE and its alumni;  To empower Chinese alumni and help them make contributions to PENN GSE;  To prepare a venue for a lifelong learning initiative.

We soon plan to launch our own website under the PENN GSE international alumni website. We are also preparing more events (e.g. educational career fair) in near future. We will invite alumni to share successful job-seeking experiences and their life in both U.S and China. We also plan to hold social networking activities and post job opportunities on our website.

All current and future PENN GSE Educational Linguistics Chinese alumni, let's sign this petition, become a member of the association and make a great difference for all of us! 917552995728329.png?r=0.3375647119246423


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