Pedestrian Access to the Garscube/HWB complex from Ilay Road

Frustrated At Garscube
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For too long staff and students have been denied regular pedestrian entrance and exit from the workplace/place of study. Sign this petition to raise awareness about the difficulties with entering and exiting Garscube from Ilay road with the University decision makers (who already enjoy unrestricted 24-7 access in their cars).

Have you had to climb in or out of work at evenings or weekends?

Have you ripped or damaged garments or injured yourself climbing in or out of work?

Have you had to cycle on dangerous busy roads because your usual exits were closed?

Do you feel you are being unfairly treated by the University of Glasgow because you choose not to drive to Garscube?

Have you had to walk hundreds of extra paces in inclement weather because one gate was closed (for no obvious reason)?

The solutions we want:

At least one 24-7 pedestrian exit to Ilay Road.
Both gates to be open during 'regular hours' at weekends.
Defined and publicised closing times for the Ilay road gates.



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