all internet service providers to blacklist Facebook, Google, Godlike Productions, and Greedy Mega Banks

Michael Zimmerman
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1. Facebook (FB) and Bank of America (BOA) are greedy mega banks.
2. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter employees are pedophiles.
3. Facebook and Google are funding corrupt American and Canadian politicians by banking and ads.
4. Facebook is a rigged casino.
5. Gambling is usury.
6. Facebook unfriendly to females.
7. Facebook and Google alters your computer, phone and other electronics connected the internet without consent.
8. Facebook, Google, and Godlikeproductions, spies on, slanders, and stalks you.
9. Owner of facebook never fully paid his home.
10. Facebook email bombs your inbox.
11. Facebook and Google has a anti-spam system which can be easily abused.


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