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WE THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HEREBY DEMAND THE RETURN OF DANIELLE C. GALLOWAY'S CHILDREN TO HER AND ALL ALLEGATIONS DISMISS. KENTUCKY'S KENTON COUNTY FAMILY DISTRICT COURT HAS MADE ERRONEOUS AND BIASED DECISIONS AGAINST THE BEST INTEREST OF THESE CHILDREN AND IN VIOLATION OF THE PARENTS. WE DEMAND AN ORDER TO CEASE AND DESIST BE ENTER AGAINST DHFS, CHFS. IF OUR DEMANDS ARE NOT MET WE WILL PURSUE IMPEACHMENT OF KENTUCKY, KENTON COUNTY FAMILY COURT JUDGE LISA BUSCHELMAN BY THE STATE JUDICIAL BOARD. WE DEEM IMMUNITY OF STATE OFFICIALS NULL AND VOID-FORFEITED BY COLOR OF LAW VIOLATIONS AND OTHER CRIMES AGAINST KENTUCKY FAMILIES. WE BELIEVE THAT DANIELLE GALLOWAY AND KENNETH ADDINGTON OF KENTUCKY ARE FIT PARENTS, ACTING IN THE BEST INTEREST OF CHILDREN AND DEMAND ALL ALLEGATIONS DISMISSED EXPONENTIALLY. FACTS: May 9th 2011, Danielle Galloway's daughter was erroneously removed from her and placed in temporary custody by Kenton County Court Judge Lisa BuschElman. The judge said on record "I see no need to remove" then placed the child in temporary custody of assumed paternal grandparents. With them resides the child's father who has a Domestic Violence Order due to admitting to allegations of attacking Danielle Galloway and throwing the daughter in the floor. All allegations against all parties were Unsubstantiated, yet Substantiated against and UNKNOWN persons. Having completed requisites set by Cabinet, Danielle's Attorney asked for custody. Buschelman said she was leaving custody up to the Cabinet (DHFS, CHFS). Since then everything went well. Danielle gave birth to her second child. The Cabinet said they would not have any involvement with this child. Upon beginning to seek custody and setting in motion the process to do so. The daughter suddenly began to show markings. At one point she was taken to doctor. It was found that she had reactive airway disease, and had been previously documented she had an occasional low platelet count. Evidence shows these are not occurring in the presence of Danielle. The newborn is in perfect healthy condition. NOW the Cabinet has gone back on their intentions. They have been documented violating constitutional rights of this family, have used coercion and placing Danielle under duress,inquiring about her religion, ignoring nearly(in process of intake) established Cherokee Heritage (traceable by last names Lovett, Lewis, and Evans), among an overgrowing list of wrong against the family. They came to her work only to state the her that they were entering a petition for abuse of daughter and neglect of son "due to high risk". This is the result of 2 dime sized bruises that happened on two different dates, only one having happened in presence of Danielle and the result of accident. Guardianship to maternal grandmother now residing in Indiana was formally signed over by both Danielle and the fiance on 2/1/12, but the infant had infact had been moved 1/30/12. The Cabinet stated to her: "We will be Substantiating this time" indicating decisions have been made prior to hearing or trial. Date for set removal hearing is MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2012. The judge has been documented making similar erroneous decisions before (see KY section here: http://www.thelizlibrary.org/outrage/) (and we review this case, proof pattern of overstepping jurisdiction:http://opinions.kycourts.net/coa/2008-ca-000601.pdf) The daughter has been placed in a DOCUMENTED dangerous home.CHFS/DHFS has failed to protect and continuously used coercion along with violating other Constitutional rights-they have been issued COL Warning Violations twice with Notice of Intent to sue yet they persist to commit wrongs and TARGET this family. Now they are trying to remove and perfectly healthy safe baby from a fit hardworking family.This is a blatant attack on an innocent family. WE THE PEOPLE SAY NO MORE. WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS FAMILY TO CONTINUOUSLY BE WRONGED BY THE KENTUCKY STATE OFFICIALS OF KENTUCKY AND ARE PETITIONING FOR THE ABOVE SAID DEMANDS.

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