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Pay your tax, Ken Livingstone

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Ken Livingstone, the grand old man of Labour, is campaigning again to be elected Mayor of London. Many people still support him. But after supporting UK Uncut and writing "No one should be allowed to vote in a British election, let alone sit in our parliament, unless they are paying their full share of tax" it turns out Ken isn't paying *his* share.

He started a dummy company, Silveta Ltd, and has taken advantage of the low rate of corporation tax to avoid paying £50000. Mehdi Hasan says "if I were Livingstone, I'd write a cheque to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and deliver it to HMRC headquarters in person".

So that's what this petition calls on you to do, Ken. Pay the full amount, wind up that dummy company, and never, ever, fiddle your taxes again, legally or not.


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